Today’s organizational leaders face more and greater risks in operating their businesses than ever before. Continue reading

In order to harness new opportunities, progressive leaders have always been willing to take a risk. In the global economy this concept can be successful, but how does a company thoroughly assess risk? There seem to be threats in so many places and at different degrees. Continue reading

Comprehensive risk assessment of employee travel security for international corporations and their employees as well as senior executives spans a range of topics. There is terrorism, which is often the first thing that leaps to mind. While serious of course, it is not the most common threat faced. Continue reading

New York, NY – March 30, 2016. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international security consulting firm, is proud to announce an upgrade to its informational page on its services as a international risk assessment company on the website. With recent events as disparate as those in Belgium due to terrorism and Brazil due to the Zika […]