Few executives enjoy sitting in coach for international travel. A long flight from Dallas to Frankfurt, for example, can be quite a burden for the business traveler. Sitting tightly next to another passenger for eleven hours may not put a VIP in their best mood before an important meeting with German associates. Continue reading

The world of corporate espionage is big business for bad guys these days. As soon as a company seems to have a handle on cyber security, hackers get creative and come up with a new plan. Not only do corporate leaders have to stay aware of new threats, but each tier in the employee hierarchy has to be on top of it as well. Continue reading

It is a platitude to speak about an arms race between governments and terrorist organizations. With all of the recent news and controversies surrounding the dispute between the United States government, particularly the federal Bureau of investigation, and Apple Corporation, the issues with respect to technology and its openness to being hacked are very much in the news. Whatever your perspective on this dispute, and to be sure there are very valid arguments to be made on both sides here, for most corporations the issue has to do more with the problems of surveillance that may be occurring against your organization. Continue reading