As the Internet has grown we have become used to using services such as Skype, Zoom, and Gotomeeting for international calls and video conferencing. Continue reading

Editor’s note. With the passage of time, it is now possible to analyze some of the attributes common to terror attacks against crowds. Unfortunately, these events have become “targets” per se of terrorist. Any organization which sends employees or key personnel overseas or – to be frank – to events in the United States or the home country is vulnerable. In this article, our international security experts overview the event in Manchester, United Kingdom at the Ariana Grande attack. If you are looking for consulting on international event security, please reach out for a consultation. Continue reading

Corporations love events. Even with the move to more and more “online” events, corporate events are increasing according to those entities that track this in a statistical way. Continue reading

New York, NY – March 22, 2016. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international security consulting firm, is proud to announce an informative yet basic ‘tip sheet’ on international meeting and conference security at The piece was produced in response to recent controversies in the United States concerning security problems at rallies for Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. With an eye to the universality in the security problems presented, the firm’s security consultants drafted a basic tip sheet for event managers who may be planning international events or conferences for corporate clients. Continue reading