The builders of dictionaries have to maintain a zero-tolerance standard for mis-spellings, for obvious reasons. But proof-reading is cognitively difficult, as one tends to “see” what is expected, not what is actually in front of one’s eyes. The gold standard for proofing applied to the Oxford English Dictionary had readers looking at each individual word backwards, since the letters then assumed a new pattern entirely unrelated to the word in question. eeS tahw I naem? This forced proofreaders to see the sequence of letters with “fresh eyes,” even for a long-familiar word. Interesting you may say, but how does this relate to the issue of a workplace violence audit? Continue reading

The world over a traveler in acute medical distress is certain to get immediate help from bystanders. The suffering person is not asked their nationality or political affiliation. It is an impulse deeply rooted in human nature. Think back to the prototypical example: the “Good Samaritan,” who stopped to assist someone who was clearly not […]

Corporate mobility is critical to conducting business in the modern world, so responsible travel management requires companies to perform a comprehensive executive and employee travel risk assessment. The overall question is what kinds of risk does a corporation expose itself to when sending an employee or senior executive abroad? An exact answer would of course depend on detailed knowledge about specific destination involved, but several broad categories of risk can be defined. As an overview, these include: Continue reading

New York, NY – January 30, 2016. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international security consulting firm, is proud to announce an informative ‘think piece’ post has been placed on its blog discussing the advantages of having outside consultants to assist in creating plans for overseas employee medical emergencies. Many human resources managers and senior executives are charged with international security planning for their organizations, but in this age of rapid change, may feel overwhelmed at conducting a security audit. Continue reading

New York, NY – February 3, 2016. IMG GlobalSecur, a top firm in the employee and executive international security consulting space, has issued a travel advisory bulletin on the Zika virus and overseas employee security. The company views international employee and executive security through a broad lense, and advises clients not only on issues such as terrorism and workplace violence but also on medical security and natural disaster risk exposure. Continue reading