Instruction in basic passport security should be a component of every travel security program where international travel is involved.

The mystery surrounding Malaysia Airlines flight 370 intensified when it became known that two passengers boarded the aircraft with false passports. In response, top employee travel security firm, IMG, is releasing guidance on passport security.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) March 27, 2014

Passport Security tips for International TravelIncident Management Group, Inc. (IMG) (, a top employee travel security firm, has released guidelines on passport security. This was done in response to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight where stolen passports were used by two Iranian passengers. Stolen passports can fetch a high price on the black market. Once pilfered, they are often used fraudulently by criminal gangs, intelligence agencies, and individuals hoping to immigrate to a new land. Passport theft can pose serious inconveniences to travelers and expose individuals to identify theft. As a result, IMG has released an article to educate travelers on the essentials of passport security.

“Instruction in basic passport security should be a component of every travel security program where international travel is involved.” explained Chris Hagon, CEO of IMG. “Having a passport stolen is almost always a major inconvenience, and often leads to a major change in travel plans. In the case of the Malaysia Airlines flight, stolen passports were used to permit two unauthorized individuals from boarding an internationally bound aircraft. Luckily, as a leading employee travel security company we have a lot of experience with passport security. We thought it prudent to share with others what we know. That is why we have released this article.”

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IMG’s 3 Easy Tips to Effective Passport Security

The missing Malaysia Airlines flight has highlighted the importance of passport security. Fortunately, IMG has extensive experience in employee travel security and has developed 3 easy tips that should help travelers maintain passport security. While the below is not comprehensive, it highlights some less well-known tricks of the trade.

Tip #1: Laminate a Copy of a Passport’s First Page

Travelers should make a copy of the first page of their passport and laminate it. They should then use this as their primary identification document. This technique can help individuals maintain control of their passport by allowing them to keep it in one secure location. It also may help individuals avoid certain types of scams.

Tip #2: Cover the Passport

In addition to making a laminated copy, travelers should also use a passport cover. Criminals and certain extremist groups have been known to target specific nationalities. Using a passport cover helps ensure that travelers won’t stand out, making them a harder target.

Tip #3: Have a Stolen Passport Plan

Despite the best passport security measures, a determined ne’er-do-well can still steal a passport. As such, travelers should understand what they have to do in such an event. Often, this involves traveling to the embassy or consulate, producing identification, a birth certificate, and paying a fee. Given that this could be difficult in the aftermath of a mugging or robbery, travelers should have a plan in place before hand.

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