Few executives enjoy sitting in coach for international travel. A long flight from Dallas to Frankfurt, for example, can be quite a burden for the business traveler. Sitting tightly next to another passenger for eleven hours may not put a VIP in their best mood before an important meeting with German associates. International Travel Security ExpertsSo, if they ask to bump up to first class, it may be worth it. A refreshed executive on important business may be ready to win for the “team” back home. We know it’s important to keep VIP’s happy when meeting with colleagues overseas. We also know that not every corporation has the ability to allow VIP’s carte blanche appetites while working abroad.

It’s understandable that executives ask to be comfortable during a business trip abroad. Unfortunately, companies don’t always have unlimited budgets. There may be moments when HR has to pick and choose what upgrades a traveling employee is allowed. For instance, a VIP may want to stay at a specific five-star luxury hotel in Frankfurt, but another five star hotel nearby can offer the same accommodations at half the cost. Business managers want their executives to feel valued, but choosing the right upgrades to invest in is important. A pricey upgrade on a flight may not offer the same payoff as exceptional employee safety and security.

Executive Security for International Travel: IMG Always Gives VIP’s First Class

Business managers have a tough job. They have to walk the tightrope between keeping traveling executives happy and watching a company budget. Although quality is always key, are some things worth the investment? Sending a VIP off with a reasonable corporate travel policy can help set expectations for a trip. Maybe they need a suit dry-cleaned for a meeting in Brussels? That may be fine. What if they decide to purchase a custom-made suit and want to add it to the expense sheet? Maybe not. To truly show a VIP they deserve the best, it’s key to send them off with a quality executive security plan for international travel along with their itinerary.

If a safety threat emerges overseas, whether your VIP is at a plush resort or a business hotel by the airport, they are going to need a world-class security team. IMG executive security for international travel doesn’t skimp on safety measures. Our team analyzes security threats around the world 24/7. Whether a terrorist organization has bombed a train in Frankfurt, or a political coo has just arisen in the Middle East, IMG watches out for your employee’s safety. If an executive has to be notified or evacuated to safer ground, it’s managed expertly. Sometimes it can be difficult to say “no” to a VIP with high expectations. IMG’s experts at international travel security always offers a VIP first class service without having to request it.