October 31, 2016 – New York, NY. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading executive security consulting firm, is proud to announce that international travel security expert Chris Hagon has been quoted in three important articles on the security issues surrounding the recent Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris, France. Hagon provided his expert insights for a general readership in terms of issues concerning international travel security and executive security consulting issues.

International Travel Security Expert

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“Robberies and attacks against famous people get most of the news coverage, but this problem can impact anyone of significant wealth, fame, or power during an international travel experience,” explained Chris Hagon, CEO of IMG GlobalSecur. “I was very happy to share insights into the fallout of the Kardashian robbery, but I am even more interested in working with corporate VIPs and executives to harden their own executive security against possible attacks like the one against Kardashian.”

For a summary of the three articles sharing Hagon’s insights into the Kardashian security breach, visit http://www.theimg.com/blog/2016/10/travel-security-vips/. For detailed information on executive travel security consulting, interested parties are referred first to http://www.theimg.com/security-services/worldwide-employee-and-executive-travel-security.php and then advised to reach out to IMG for a consultation as no two situations are exactly alike.

Executive / VIP Security Consulting: Fame, Wealth, and Power Create Likely Targets

The reality, of course, is that the less famous, less wealthy, and/or less powerful a person is the less attractive he or she is as a target. Extremely famous, wealthy, or powerful persons and their security staff may be cognizant that they are targets. It is often the “mid-level” persons who do not realize that they are targets, nor do their security staffs take the threats seriously enough. Social media and the constant broadcasting of one’s whereabouts and lifestyle choices also provide a steady stream of “intelligence” to would-be attackers, and yet certain individuals either cannot refrain from social media and/or do not appreciate its risks. By working with a true executive security expert such as Chris Hagon (http://www.theimg.com/about-us.php), corporations and other large organizations can audit their security vulnerabilities and then take appropriate action to bolster the security of their VIPs and executives, especially on international travel.

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