August 27, 2016 – New York, NY. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international security consulting firm, is proud to announce an important milestone on its blog coverage on international conference, meeting, and event security consulting issues. The firm is known for having a lively blog, as well as having its international security experts being frequently interviewed in the global press on international security issues for companies, their employees and senior executives with respect to gatherings abroad.

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“With the conclusion of the Rio Olympics, event security has been on everyone’s mind,” explained Chris Hagon, CEO of IMG GlobalSecur. “We have focused for some time, however, on educating corporate decision-makers on international event security issues, both large and small, on an on-going basis. Our blog milestone speaks to this commitment on our part to help interested parties brainstorm how to ‘think’ about international and offsite event security for businesses.”

To view the posts in the series, visit There, one can read on international event security topics such as tips on securing meetings or conferences overseas, event security precautions, and even concerns with respect to protests and demonstrations. Persons interested in more detailed, one-on-one expertise on international conference or event security consulting and expertise, should visit or reach out to the experts at IMG GlobalSecur for a consultation as every event is unique.

International Security: Large or Small, Overseas Events Must Have Security Awareness

Unfortunately, even nowadays, corporations often do not have a security awareness about their overseas events and meetings. Especially in an international context, meetings can bring in many senior employees and executives to a single location, thereby making an attractive target for those who seek to perform malfeasance against an organization. IMG GlobalSecur provides expert consultants who can assess potential risks in advance, and help an organization to realize that overseas meeting risk assessment is not limited to high-profile terrorism problems. Security risks can be anything ranging from technical corporate espionage to employees contracting the latest virus or epidemic to strike a foreign venue. Natural events, and political unrest, can also be security threats. The point is to have an international event security assessment bring a fresh perspective and a deep level of experience to the process. Indeed, IMG GlobalSecur has two sister offerings, GlobalSecur ( offering threat and travel security assistance for employees and FoneTrac ( an innovative travel safety app for employees overseas, that complement its experts in event security.

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