The IMG Group provides expert workplace security and risk assessment services for chief executives, vice presidents, and other corporate or organizational VIPs. Led by Dr. Harley Stock, who has over twenty years experience in Scotland Yard's Royalty & Diplomatic Protection Department (RDPD) and other international security assignments, our expert security consultants provide the services and training necessary to ensure that your workplace remains violence free. Whether the threat assessment involves reducing the risk of criminal, terrorist, and random attacks or any other threat to your employees, we can provide a complete evaluation on the best practices for workplace security. Our security services include -

  • Threat / Risk assessments - we work with you, your key employees and other staff to assess the risk / threat levels they may face in the workplace. Our consulting firm provides expert planning for the prevention of violence in your place of work.
  • Security Evaluation / Planning - using state of the art technology, we can provide the tools for a sophisticated evaluation of all current employees and any potential new employees. Our expert consultants make sure that every possible risk is at least assessed in advance and we are ready if an incident should escalate.
  • On the ground security services - our network of contacts can provide you and your staff with local contacts to help with 24-hour capabilities. We have a range of International security contacts to help not just assess risk but prevent negative outcomes.

Contact us by email or Tel. (877) 887-9914 for a phone consultation on your security needs.

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Each corporate or organizational workplace security situation is unique as are each and every one of your senior executives and VIPs. The best step is to reach out to us for a no-obligation initial security / threat assessment consultation. Our goal is to create a customized security plan for your organization and key employees.

Our security services include the following: overseas risk assessment and security plan preparation, vulnerability assessments, accountability/communications programs for travelers and expatriates, emergency preparedness and contingency planning for prevention of workplace violence before it happens.

A full spectrum of services that range from a review of facilities and employees, evaluation of current security measures, investigation, forensic threat assessment and evaluation, armed or unarmed security agents, to emergency response and case intervention.

Our corporate security programs are based on tried and tested sophisticated practices currently used to reduce the risk of workplace violence and use personnel skilled in providing these services. Each security evaluation or risk assessment is tailored exclusively to exactly suit the nature of your operations, organizational culture and specific requirements and can include -

  • Workplace Safety and Employee Protection Services - company specific programs that protect your key employees and executives from workplace violence, terrorism and random attacks.
  • Relevant, proactive briefings, intelligence and training - and support services using our in-house resources and our global network of security professionals.
  • Access to the workplace violence prevention program - empowering your company to prevent most incidents of workplace violence before they happen, manage the security and safety of personnel, and provide threat intervention if the situation calls for it.

All overseas services including workplace violence prevention and evaluation receive our continuous and hands-on oversight and supervision.

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