Led by Christopher Hagon, with over twenty years experience in Scotland Yard's Royalty & Diplomatic Protection Department and other corporate security roles and global security assignments, our international security consultants provide proactive, global services to help your organization protect its personnel and assets from criminal and terrorist activity.

Incident Management Group provides expert corporate security consulting services which can help you assess, design and implement physical protection systems for your domestic and overseas sites. We have developed countless protective security systems designed to protect assets and personnel in varied-risk environments. Our design services range from individual site surveys to turnkey design and installation oversight for sophisticated systems.

Previous domestic and worldwide design experience stems from the assessment and design of protective systems for executive residences, corporate headquarters, regional offices, healthcare facilities, warehouse and distribution centers, pharmaceutical, automotive and high-technology manufacturing plants, and more.

The goal of protective system design is to protect people and prevent the theft or destruction of assets. The system should detect a possible adversary and, using the correct balance of physical, technical, and procedural "barriers", delay an adversary's progress until there can be an adequate security response.

We can help your organization assess your existing fixed site security posture or advise on the configuration and deployment of new or retrofitted performance-based protective systems. Our services include -

  • Risk / threat assessments - we work with you, your key employees and other staff to identify and mitigate those events that, if they materialize, could harm your organization and its personnel.
  • Protective security systems - our advice will be based on the likely forms of an attack, such as the possibility of an intruder intent on theft or sabotage, or a disgruntled employee, as identified in the risk and threat assessment. This approach focuses on mitigating the risk rather than the presence and nature of a technical deployment.
  • On the ground security services - no security system design (physical, technical and procedural components) can commence without a thorough understanding and description of the site's existing or future functions, operations and use, including the location's critical processes and vulnerabilities. Once this is done, IMG can help lay the solid foundation on which to build an effective protective system.

Contact us by email or Tel. (877) 887-9914 for a phone consultation on your security needs.

More about Workplace and Factory Security Design Services

Each corporate or organizational security design project is unique. Even though the protective fundamentals may remain the same, a site protection system that meets one organization's security needs may be unworkable for another. This is especially so if users of the system are not aware and supportive of security goals, or the system itself is at odds with the site's activities. Your employees will view a correctly designed system – one specifically designed to counter known risks and their own concerns – as beneficial and not as a nuisance to be circumvented.

A useful step is to reach out to IMG for a no-obligation initial security / threat assessment consultation. Our objective is to create a customized approach that meets your security goals and expectations.

Our contractor security consulting and assessment services are based on tried and tested sophisticated practices currently used to protect manufacturing plants and other locations worldwide. Each design project – whether securing an overseas factory or ensuring that product remains in the the intended channel of distribution – is tailored exclusively to suit your needs and operations and can include -

  • Overseas site protection consulting services - country- or region-specific programs that protect your factory or office and in-country personnel and their families from identified threats and vulnerabilities.
  • Site security - the protective services model - our professional support focuses on your corporate philosophy together with your site or location's end users who will need to be comfortable with a protective system, one that is seen to add benefit and support local operations.
  • Access to overseas customized services - IMG can support your global security effort by developing custom risk assessment and audit programs for specific areas and business operations and can provide help with localized facility policies and procedures, etc.

All domestic and overseas services, including security design and consulting, receive IMG management's continuous focus, hands-on oversight and supervision. Our experienced consultants and business partner professionals look forward to working with your organization to enhance your executives' safety and security overseas.

International Security Consulting Experts