The Incident Management Group provides expert threat assessment consulting for multi-national companies in all sectors, large or small. Led by our team of highly experienced consultants, most of whom are former law enforcement, military officers or intelligence operatives, we have unique capabilities to deal with threats to your company. We rely not only on our own expertise, but also on our contacts around the world to assist us. Many of these contacts were former high-ranking government officials who maintain good contacts within their respective country’s police and intelligence circles.

Our threat assessments will provide the following positive outcomes for your organization:

  • Verification of the validity of the threat – Essentially, we will determine if a real threat exists, the true level of danger posed by the threat and the organization’s vulnerability to the threat.
  • Establish the identity of the perpetrators – IMG will work with appropriate in-country resources to identify those responsible for the threat and work to have them arrested.
  • Recommended actions to reduce organization vulnerability – We will review all facets of the case to deliver a report to the client with recommended actions that can be taken to lessen the probability of a similar threat in the future and/or mitigate its potential impact on the organization.

Contact us by email at or by telephone at (877) 887-9914 for more information on how our risk assessments can help your organization’s security program.

Learn more about International Threat Assessment Consulting

IMG’s international threat assessment consulting services are designed to assist multi-national companies understand, mitigate and resolve threats to their facilities, personnel, business operations, or reputation. Our team uses sophisticated threat analysis techniques to quantify the threat, understand its potential impact on the organization, and develop appropriate security countermeasures to mitigate the threat.

Given that each corporate or organizational security situation is unique, as are each and every one of your senior executives, the best step is to reach out to us for a no-obligation initial security/threat assessment consultation. Our goal is to create a customized security deliverable for your organization and key employees.

We offer the following services:

  • Global Threat Assessment and Analysis Services – Our team can analyze potential threats to your organization and formulate effective protective measures;
  • Emergency response services – Our global response teams can be on-site at your overseas locations within a couple of hours of notification;
  • Crisis Management – Our response element consists of experienced crisis management professionals that can deal with a wide array of threatening situations to resolve them expeditiously.

All overseas services including threat analysis consulting receive our continuous and hands-on IMG management oversight and supervision.

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