Worldwide Employee and Executive Travel Security

GlobalSecur® is a comprehensive worldwide employee and executive travel security resource that will provide your employees with proactive information, real-time monitoring and notification of global events, and ensure immediate assistance in the event of civil or political strife, medical emergency or in response to routine inquiries.

The program was designed from the ground up to provide your organization with a one-stop, cost-effective travel security and medical assistance solution. This highly personalized program includes pre-travel briefings, automated itinerary tracking, individual / mass messaging and communications, political and medical assistance and evacuation, and more:

  • Your travelers will have online access to pre-trip, health and security intelligence reports on over 220 countries and 300 cities.
  • GlobalSecur® is available in four, tiered service levels to meet your exact operational and budgetary needs, each with optional worldwide FoneTrac® monitoring.
  • Each service level has its own inclusive pricing — there are no additional or hidden costs relating to travel itineraries, monitoring of in-country personnel, etc.

Global Monitoring Service

GlobalSecur’s Global Monitoring Service is an “active” system that monitors your travelers’ or overseas employees’ whereabouts and equates this information with identified, and relevant threats. We do not rely on you to locate employees who may be at risk. Instead, we will constantly monitor their locations, link these with potential threats and then, in accordance with an agreed protocol, notify you and your employees of changing conditions.

Our “hands-on” approach continues when, on your behalf and together with our security aviation, medical services and in-country partners, we coordinate medical and security services in the event of an incident or emergency, and check on their welfare in the aftermath of a disaster.

As a GlobalSecur® client you will also have benefit from our 16-year worldwide consulting experience in international security, personnel protection, threat intervention, crisis management, and more.

To learn more about the GlobalSecur® program, please see our pdf web brochure.

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