Workplace Violence Prevention Services

More and more, companies are faced with increased threats of violence in the workplace. While the number of workplace homicides has not fluctuated greatly in the last several years, the frequency of employees who threaten to kill or cause disruption of business equilibrium has increase geometrically.

The areas of workplace violence, threat management, crisis response and terrorism pose an increasing challenge and new focus for the business community. The process of managing threats, violence and disasters is extremely complex, high-risk and difficult.

These events also incur a significant degree of legal and moral liability. But because of their low frequency, it is difficult to dedicate sufficient in-house resources to prepare for these challenging situations.

However, active corporate programs geared to preventing violence in the workplace have been effective tools in reducing the number and severity of violent workplace incidents and in demonstrating to employees and others that workplace safety is the company’s foremost concern.

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Our Prevention Serivces

IMG’s Comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Services were developed as a means to deliver integrated violence prevention, threat management and post-incident response services in a cost-effective manner. The program is a way for companies to have access to a variety of critical services to manage high-risk events and is supported by a sophisticated threat assessment tool — IMG’s proprietary Behavioral Risk Assessment Schema (BRAS) — consultation, training and referral networks of IMG experts with 24-hour capabilities.

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