Supply Chain and Logistics Security Consulting

“Supply chain design and optimization is a significant source of revenue growth — protecting the product is a significant part of that equation.”

Supply Chain ConsultingSupply chain security and logistics security has become a growing area of our consulting practice. Why? Because in today's global economy, corporations are vulnerable to supply chain disruptions. The security of logistics and the supply chain, from origin to destination, become paramount. Our supply chain security experts can conduct a risk assessment of your supply system, and create recommendations to bring you up to the supply chain best practices vis-a-vis security threats.

The loss or diversion of finished product or raw material can have debilitating effects that cascade through your company's security vulnerabilities to create catastrophic failures, impacting organization reputation and credibility.

As one of the top-rated security consulting firms, we have helped a wide variety of clients with their supply chain and logistics threat assessment and security plans, including those engaged in high technology, pharmaceutical, automotive, and consumer business activities, as well as their major logistics and transportation partners.

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Our Expertise in Supply Chain / Logistics

IMG's experience extends to inbound handling of raw materials / key components, through staging, production, assembly, packaging, and outbound shipment using multiple carriers and transiting numerous borders prior to end user delivery. Our Supply Chain and Logistics Security consulting services can be applied end-to-end in your supply chains, or to solve problems in specific locations or transportation lanes.

IMG can help protect your operations by:

  • Examining supply chain activities to pinpoint losses, identify existing vulnerabilities and suggest remedies that are specific to your products, operations and locations.
  • Recommending consistent security practices that reflect, support and enhance supply chain business processes, such as awareness, accountability, product “visibility”, secure hand-over, reporting and escalation/response protocols that are key to a successful preventive program.

We know the risks and the security processes necessary to safely move your product from order inception to end-user. Our goal is the same as yours — to focus on your core business and to stay ahead through prevention.

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