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In the best of situations, plant closures, labor disturbances and worker strikes can have a deleterious impact on any company and its business operations. Not having a comprehensive security and business assurance plan in place in advance of any labor action can almost guarantee a bad outcome.

The time to begin planning is well in advance of any possible labor disruption. IMG's management and labor dispute security consulting services will ensure that you have a well-developed plan in place to provide better options when dealing with a sudden strike or forced plant closure. These options can, in turn, give your company an improved negotiating strategy when dealing with labor unions, vendors and customers and can help keep your company's business operations viable during this time.

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Working With Your Company

Our security professionals, drawing on their experience both domestically and internationally, will work with your company to:

  • Develop comprehensive strike security and contingency plans. We will thoroughly review all business operations to ensure that key interdependencies and contractual commitments to your customers can be met in the event of a strike or plant closure.
  • Utilize a comprehensive checklist to work with your location managers develop redundant contingency plans to ensure business continuity in the face of a strike or disturbance.
  • Respond and organize appropriate security and logistics operations to keep the plant running, if it is viable to do so should a strike or labor disturbance occur at a plant without prior notice.
  • Work closely with your company personnel to provide guidance and assistance on negotiating strategies, executive protection and transportation.
  • Deploy and supervise trained and licensed counter-strike security officers at the scene.

Being prepared for a strike or labor disturbance is not an accident. It takes time and effort. But being prepared can be the difference in bringing about a favorable conclusion.

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