International Meeting, Conference & Event Security

The recent proliferation of high profile security incidents has forced many organizations to closely evaluate their security preparations in connection with company-sponsored overseas meetings and events. These incidents have grabbed headlines and given organizations and attendees reason to question whether or not travel overseas is safe.

While risk can never be completely eliminated, these activities can be made "safer" through the correct application of security and contingency planning.

In our experience, there are a multitude of threats and potential disruptions that are common to every event, whether the location is domestic or international. By developing an appropriate security plan, IMG will help you mitigate the risk and alleviate security concerns.

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Benefits of Our Security

Our international meeting, conference and event security services involve security planning that benefits from an analytical approach that ensures that threats are accurately identified and measured, vulnerabilities are properly assessed, and that risk is calculated properly. This approach will provide you with a security plan that is more effective and less disruptive than a last minute review of event activities and an attempt to "bolt on" appropriate security measures.

IMG's experienced event security professionals will work with your company and event planner to ensure your meeting's success. Our personnel will conduct all pre-event planning and develop a security and contingency plan that will allow you to respond effectively to any security issue that should arise.

We are available worldwide to provide a discreet presence at the event in order to implement your security plan and provide security for any special requirements. The prior arrangements and a security presence at your event will address attendee concerns and allow senior management and attendees to focus on your corporate goals.

International Security Consulting Experts