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While most companies expect an applicant to complete an application form, very few companies have a systematic way to evaluate the information provided, assess possible liabilities and identify opportunities to hire or promote staff members of great potential.

Traditional application forms are not capable of identifying applicants who are intentionally distorting their answers on the application blank. Furthermore, psychological literature suggests a significant number of applicants lie on their application — an estimate suggests that falsification of credentials among job candidates across the board occurs in about 30% of all applications and 15% of applications of candidates for higher level positions.

IMG's Human Resource Employee Hiring and Background and Security Services provide unique tools to aid hiring decisions.

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IMG's SMART Application

Coming soon - IMG's SMART Application (SMART APP™) is a simple to use, web-based, software tool designed to empower the hiring process by using a dynamic application form that gathers information about the applicant, analysizes the responses and prepares a narrative report for the hiring manager. The SMART APP™ is not a psychological test, but a new kind of application form that skips several generations of application information gathering to give new insight and facilitate the important hiring decision.

To meet client needs, the SMART Application tool has been reviewed by expert panels of board-certified forensic psychologists and Human Resource professionals and all items have been vetted by labor attorneys to ensure industry and governmental compliance.

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