Forensic Psychology Services

IMG's Forensic Psychological Services include the proprietary BRAS Instrument and the underlying research that was the subject of managing partner Dr. Harley Stock’s recent Presidential Address to the American Psychological Association and is a unique and sophisticated tool designed to allow in-company assessment of individual cases. In each case the tool rates sixteen case-specific factual and psychological categories essential to achieving a safe resolution. The tool also automatically rates confidence in the facts obtained and points up areas in which more information is needed.

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IMG's SMART Application

IMG's SMART Application (SMART APP™) is a simple to use, web-based, software tool designed to empower the hiring process by using a dynamic application form that gathers information about the applicant, analyses the responses and prepares a narrative report for the hiring manager. The SMART APP™ is not a psychological test, but a new kind of application form that skips several generations of application information gathering to give new insight and facilitate the important hiring decision.

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Certified Expertise

Dr. Stock maintains a worldwide network of board-certified experts who stand ready to provide case intervention, investigation, forensic threat assessment and evaluation, situation stabilization and expert witness services.

Violence Protection

IMG’s Workplace Violence Prevention Program will allow your company to prevent most episodes from happening, manage those episodes that actively threaten the safety and security of personnel and facilities, and respond to situations of catastrophic proportions.

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