Crisis Management Consulting & Support

Using our long experience in proactive planning and crisis intervention, IMG can assist you in identifying, assessing and prioritizing security risks and help you to proactively plan for unexpected events, such as natural or man-made disasters, terrorist attacks, specific threats, etc. Our security and forensic psychology professionals will provide the training necessary to correctly identify and respond to emerging or actual crises and to enable a multi-disciplinary crisis intervention geared to minimizing immediate and long-term risk.

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Organizational Readiness Program

Our crisis management consulting and support includes an Organizational Readiness program designed to provide decision makers with the preparatory skills, training and in-house confidence to effectively:

  • Plan for unexpected events such as natural or man-made disasters, terrorist attacks, hazardous material incidents, chemical and biological threats, internal and external threats, and more.
  • Correctly identify and respond to emerging crises and utilize multidisciplinary skills that will enable you to identify and strategically manage an emerging crisis by optimizing crisis decision making, identifying and ranking viable options, promoting appropriate, effective and meaningful communications, dealing with external authorities, mitigating internal issues to avoid the possibility of "a crisis within a crisis", and executing an agreed strategy.
  • Provide post incident analysis, intervention and response.

IMG personnel are immediately available to provide post incident analysis (including Crisis Intervention Stress Management – CISM), and expert witness services.

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