Israel-Hamas conflict reminds companies of the importance of international employee security plans, explains IMG, a top employee security consulting firm.

The Incident Management Group, Inc. (IMG), an international employee security consulting company, has announced an alert for employee security in Israel due to increasing tensions in the Israel-Hamas conflict. The firm consults with multinational companies on employee security issues on a worldwide basis and monitors events with daily briefings and alerts.

“The Israel-Hamas conflict requires companies in the affected areas to take immediate precautions,” said Christopher Hagon, CEO of IMG Inc. “One can never predict how these conflicts will go, but international employee security should be of paramount concern for all companies with employees or executives in the Israel / Middle East region.”

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More on Israel-Hamas Conflict and Employee Security Guidance

IMG has advised their clients that evacuation plans for Israel are at a “Warning” level. The Warning level indicates that a significant threat to employee and expatriate security exists in this location. Warnings are typically driven by a specific event that has caused the threat level to increase. Non-essential travel to this area should be cancelled or postponed at this time.

The issuance of a Warning should result in multinational companies taking actions to ensure that employees living or working in the affected area are safe. These international employee security actions include identifying/locating all employees, establishing communications with employees, and taking preliminary steps to implement the company’s evacuation plan.

The decision to evacuate can be made at any time during this phase. Many companies may choose to order all non-essential employees to leave the area via commercial flights if they are still available. Another option during this phase is to seek shelter in a safe haven and “shelter in place” throughout the crisis. IMG cautions against waiting too long to make a decision on whether or not to evacuate as commercial flights may fill up quickly and travel to the airport may become more dangerous.

The key to successful evacuations is to have a well-developed and rehearsed evacuation plan.

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