Today's Risk Management Professionals are increasingly concerned with global corporate travel safety. As a result, IMG is refining its international threat assessment processes.

Collectively, our staff has several decades of experience in the fields of risk management and corporate travel safety.

The Incident Management Group, Inc. (IMG), a leading firm in the corporate travel safety industry, is announcing a revamp of its international threat assessment processes. In today’s economy, many corporations have to establish relationships in less developed countries. As a result, many corporate risk management professionals are developing international threat assessments in order to determine the potential travel risk of various destinations. IMG, a top corporate travel safety firm, is refining its processes to ensure that its clients receive the best international threat assessments available on the market.

“Collectively, our staff has several decades of experience in the fields of risk management and corporate travel safety,” said Chris Hagon, CEO of IMG. Indeed, we have constructed countless international threat assessments for a variety of clients operating in disparate parts of the world. However, given the recent increased interest in international threat assessments, we thought that we should take another look at our processes. I think it's this determination to constantly improve, that has made our company one of the leading firms in risk management and corporate travel safety.”

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Three Business Travel Destinations That Often Require International Threat Assessments:

The following is a simple and effective approach to increase the security of individuals on the ground at airports as well as in the skies.


Many firms in the corporate travel safety industry have completed international threat assessments on locations in Mexico. After all, Mexico is the United State’s third largest trading partner and it continues to be a popular destination for many business travelers. However, competition between drug cartels often results in violence on the streets. The country also has a significant kidnapping problem, particularly in the capital, making travel potentially hazardous.


Although often outshined by China, India’s economic growth over the past two decades has been remarkable. However, from a risk management prospective India presents several challenges, and international threat assessments are often necessary. For example, levels of petty street crime are high, and India’s roads are some of the most dangerous in the world. Although it lacks the cartel-inspired violence of Mexico, India still has several corporate travel safety concerns.


Russia, like India and Mexico, also poses some challenges to risk management professionals. Street crime as well as government and Police corruption are common problems. As a result, special precautions need to be taken in order to reinforce corporate travel safety. Additionally, threats can vary by city, making an international threat assessment highly advisable for travelers visiting Russia.

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