Although we will certainly learn more, the bombing seems to have been perpetrated by a pressure-cooker bomb built by two brothers with radical ties to Chechnya.

The Incident Management Group, Inc. (IMG), a leading Global Security Consulting Firm, has issued a three point bulletin for its clients seeking better event security and crisis management consulting in the wake of recent events. In response to the pressure-cooker bombing at the Boston Marathon, firms are looking at ways to safeguard large events and gatherings.

“Although we will certainly learn more, the bombing seems to have been perpetrated by a pressure-cooker bomb built by two brothers with radical ties to Chechnya. Given that this is the first terrorist attack on US soil in some time, many companies and public officials are looking for ways to improve event security management, especially at large gatherings. Our professionals at IMG, many with decades of experience in the security field, believe we have much advice and guidance to offer our clients in this regard.”

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Executive Summary of Three Point Bulletin on Event Security: the 3 Components of Proper Event Security

Time will tell what, if anything, the public safety officials could have done to prevent two Chechen brothers from carrying out a bombing at the Boston marathon. To be sure, large public outdoor events such as this are very difficult to manage and control. However, most events are not as large as the Boston Marathon and there are many techniques and strategies that organizations can use to improve security at events and large gatherings. According to the professionals at IMG, the following components should be included in each event security plan.

1. Entry and Exit Controls

At 26 miles in length, the Boston marathon is too large an event for comprehensive entry controls. Even so, managing the flow of people who enter and exit the area is a vital component of event security management. Entry and exit controls should be implemented in such a way as to prevent outsiders from gaining access to an event, but not be so restricting that they impose hardship on attendees. Security staff should try to use guest lists and pre-registration in order to ensure that potential threats do not infiltrate an event. Furthermore, security professionals need to develop exit plans that allow for the rapid outflow of people in the event of a fire or other emergency.

2. Cameras

Cameras were vital to the Boston bombing investigation, allowing law enforcement to quickly identify images of the bombing suspects. Most security planners know that cameras are a vital component of the security infrastructure. Fortunately, security cameras are substantially cheaper and of better quality than in the past. One event security management technique is to place some cameras is highly visible locations while placing other in discrete locations. The visible cameras will dissuade some potential threats, while fooling the dedicated infiltrator into complacency as he may believe he has mapped all defenses.

3. Professionally Trained Staff

The large and rapid response of police, soldiers, and emergency responders at the Boston marathon saved many lives. That is why it is important for security and medical professionals to be included in any event security plan. Highly trained people often prove to be the critical component in emergency situations.

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