Typhoons and natural disasters can be some of the most complex threats for executive protection professionals.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) November 20, 2013

The Incident Management Group, Inc. (IMG) (http://www.theimg.com) a leading security consulting and executive protection firm, has released a corporate travel security blog on Typhoon preparedness. The recent typhoon in the Philippines has reminded many people of the threat Mother Nature poses to corporate travel security and executive protection.

IMG Releases article on Corporate Travel Security in Response to the Philippines TyphoonThe Philippines had less than a week to brace itself for Typhoon Haiyan, demonstrating how quickly destructive natural disasters can materialize. In such a short time frame, it may be difficult for business travelers to evacuate in time. This means that professionals working in corporate travel security and executive protection need to know how to protect their people during typhoons and other natural disasters.

“Typhoons and natural disasters can be some of the most complex threats for executive protection professionals.” explained Christopher Hagon, a managing partner of IMG. “Not only are the events themselves dangerous and unpredictable, but the fallout from natural disasters, such as looting and riots, can create additional complexity. Sound corporate travel security practice demands that we consider all of these potential threats. In the wake of the Typhoon in the Philippines, we decided to release a blog in order to get business travelers thinking about how they might prepare and cope with a natural disaster like Typhoon Haiyan."

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Challenges of Executive Protection: Typhoon Haiyan Hits the Philippines

The Philippines had less than a week to prepare for the devastating force of Typhoon Haiyan. Preferably, business travelers should try to evacuate the area under threat of natural disaster. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Even so, there are steps business travelers can take in order to better protect themselves from Typhoons. For example, at a minumum business travelers should:

  1. Have in place a workable disaster and medical evacuation plan.
  2. Know the area they are in, to include the location of medical facilities and law enforcement.
  3. Prepare an emergency/survival kit with several days worth of supplies.
  4. Never under-estimate the potential danger of a storm and take appropriate protective measures that include boarding up of all of the windows in their residence and seeking refuge in central rooms, ensuring that they avoid areas of the building prone to flooding.

In fact, many of the same safety tips that apply to Hurricanes in the Atlantic, also apply to Typhoons in the Pacific. As such, those who have lived in the southeastern United States or other Hurricane/Cyclone prone areas may be better equipped to deal with the threat of Typhoons.

Those wishing to read the full article on IMG's "Travel Tips" for Typhoon preparedness are encouraged to follow this link: http://www.imgsecurity.net/hurricane-typhoon-international-travel-tips-business-executives/

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