As a result of escalating tensions and brinkmanship between North and South Korea, IMG is supporting their clients with the development of detailed and comprehensive evacuation and contingency plans for expatriate employees living in South Korea.

The Incident Management Group, Inc. (IMG), a leading International Crisis Management Consulting Firm, is announcing a new initiative for South Korea evacuation and contingency planning, including evacuating their employees living in or traveling to the Republic of Korea (South Korea). North Korea’s recent missile launch and nuclear test, coupled with South Korea’s launch of their own cruise missiles and acceleration of their plan to develop their own ballistic missile capability, portends escalating tensions in the short term and possible military engagement with North Korea at some point in the future. The possible disruptions to business operations in South Korea can only be mitigated with the development of detailed, comprehensive contingency plans that serve to protect employees, business operations and assets, and preserves the reputation of the company.

“During a period of escalating tensions and brinksmanship like what we are seeing from North Korea, organizations need to engage in detailed planning for the evacuation of living or traveling to that region. There are a myriad of concerns that must be addressed during this planning, including who makes the decision to evacuate, what conditions would precipitate an evacuation, how do you continue to manage your business while at the same time pulling many, if not all, of your senior managers out of the country, how do you protect your data and intellectual property, to name just a few. We are actively engaging with our clients at this time to review their evacuation plans and to update them where needed,” said Tim Bradley, Senior Consultant for IMG.

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Crisis Management and Evacuation Planning, Explained

Today's business environment is faced with challenges, and threats, from many divergent sources. Crises tend to creep up on organizations, occasionally without their awareness or acknowledgement. Sometimes a traumatic event will suddenly occur. Over the years, many clients who may not have seen the need for a proactive crisis management/business continuity strategy have found themselves in a situation that is damaging or threatens their very existence. IMG will help your organization to correctly identify and respond to emerging crises. Our experienced crisis management experts - skilled in corporate security, forensic psychology, public affairs, human resources, employment law among other disciplines - will bring to the table multidisciplinary skills that enable your senior personnel to identify and strategically manage an emerging crisis by optimizing crisis decision making, identifying and ranking viable options, promoting appropriate, effective and meaningful communications, dealing with external authorities, mitigating internal issues to avoid the possibility of “a crisis within a crisis” and executing an agreed strategy.

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