Although insider espionage is a difficult issue to confront, there are ways to mitigate the threat.

The leaks by Edward Snowden highlight the threat of insider espionage. In a recent FedScoop article, IMG Managing Partner Harley Stock underscores the need for psychological expertise in hiring assessments.

International security consulting firm offers FedScoop its take on edward snowden and insider espionageDr. Harley Stock, an IMG co-founder and Managing Partner at corporate security firm IMG (, was recently featured in a FedScoop article on Edward Snowden and insider espionage. According to Dr. Stock, Snowden exhibited a particular psychological profile. Unlike other cases of insider espionage, he did not seem to have been interested in financial gain. However, Snowden did have a history of personal and professional failures, a typical characteristic of many insiders. He also has exhibited signs of attention seeking and grandiosity, justifying his actions regardless of its effect on others. If these personality characteristics were spotted earlier, it is possible action could have been taken to prevent the leaks.

When asked about the recent FedScoop article on insider espionage, Christopher Hagon, President of IMG stated:

“The Snowden case helps highlight the threat of insider espionage and this article does a great job of spelling this out. Although insider espionage is a difficult issue to confront, there are ways to mitigate the threat. For example, organizations can protect themselves through hiring assessments conducted by experienced corporate human resource and security professionals. IMG is fortunate to have co-founder Dr. Stock on our staff as his expertise in forensic psychological assessment is invaluable to such work.”

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The Six Characteristics of an Insider

According to the FedScoop article, a study conducted by former CIA psychologists identified six personality traits correlated with IT insider espionage. These six personality traits are:

  1. A history of personal and social frustrations
  2. Computer dependency
  3. Ethical flexibility
  4. Reduced loyalty
  5. A sense of entitlement
  6. Lack of empathy

The study authors also stated that insider actions are almost always a result of unmet personnel needs. While the insiders may attempt to justify their actions along moral lines, personality traits and life history are often the driving forces.

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