Few organizations will ever participate in an event security operation as large as the World Cup

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil will leverage a massive amount of resources to secure the event. Accordingly, IMG Group has released an article listing five tips on event security and site protection.

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Special Event Security, Executive Protection, Security ConsultantThe Incident Management Group (IMG) (http://www.theimg.com), a top firm specializing in event security and executive protection and corporate security consulting has released an article as the 2014 World Cup in Brazil approaches. The article provides tips to organizations concerned with event security and site protection.

According to the Miami Herald, ensuring event security at the upcoming 2014 World Cup in Brazil is proving to be a monumental undertaking. 150,000 police and military will be involved in the effort in addition to 20,000 event security personnel. However, the project will leverage sophisticated assets as well. Drones, intelligence, and counter-terrorism units will also be on hand during the Cup. (Source: The Miami Herald, April 23, 2014). For the full article please follow:


“Few organizations will ever participate in an event security operation as large as the World Cup” said Christopher Hagon, President of Incident Management Group, Inc. The Olympics, World Cup, and international summits are decidedly some of the most challenging event security and site protection operations in the world. However, many of the principles of event security are the same whether the venue is large or small. "I think the recent article our company has produced on event security and site protection makes this clear. Our executive protection professionals have produced a concise list of 5 tips that organizations can use during their next event planning project.”

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Event Security and Site Protection

The executive protection experts at IMG believe that the most fundamental component of event security is the inclusion of security personnel early on in the event planning process. Although it may not be apparent, security has a role to play in many aspects of event planning. Some of these aspects include: venue selection, the guest lists and invitations, ID badge selection, floor space design and allocation and of course, contingency planning and emergency response.

Involving security early on in the process can also make event planning and execution significantly easier. For example, if a security threat assessment determines that further resources are required, it is better to know this earlier rather than later. Additionally, including security early on in the event planning process can also help limit the number of last minute changes and challenges, smoothing the execution of the operation as a whole.

To read IMG’s complete article on event security and site protection, please follow: http://www.imgsecurity.net/securing-next-big-meeting-conference-5-tips-event-site-security/

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