The business travel security environment in Egypt continues to be unstable and uncertain.

The Incident Management Group, Inc. (IMG), a leading firm in the international security industry, has announced an executive and business travel security advisory for Egypt. Given the ousting of President Morsi, it is clear that Egypt has not yet completed its democratic transition. As such, tensions in the country are likely to continue, leading to concern about the state of travel security in Egypt. Given the situation, caution is urged for those planning travel or tourism in Egypt. Although the tourism industry has generated billions of dollars for the Egyptian economy, recent political developments have the potential to lead to increased instability. While the situation may one-day improve, the continuing political upheavals in the country will have adverse effects for travel security and tourism in Egypt.

Executive Security Advisory for those Traveling to Egypt“The business travel security environment in Egypt continues to be unstable and uncertain,” said Chris Hagon, CEO of IMG. “Given recent events, we have had to revise our outlook on travel security in Egypt. For individuals, executives and business travelers planning travel or tourism to Egypt, we strongly urge caution. The situation continues to be unstable and could potentially turn worse. That is why we are revising our outlook on travel security in Egypt.”

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International Security Insight: Timeline of a Revolution.

Egypt was once a very popular country for European tourists. However, the events of the Revolution have made vacationers wary of travel security in Egypt and have hurt the industry of tourism in Egypt.

January 2011

Protests begin in Egypt and sweep across the country. Activity is centered on Tahrir square.

February 2011

Mubarak steps down. The Egyptian military takes power and suspends the constitution. Process towards drafting a new constitution begin.

October 2011

A protest sparked by an attack on a Coptic church kills 25 protesters.

May 2012

First round of voting in Egypt’s presidential elections. Given that tourism in Egypt decreased by over a third, tourism operators begin providing deep discounts.

June 2012

President Morsi wins in a run-off vote with 51.7 percent of the vote.

November 2012 to January 2013

President Morsi decrees greater powers for himself. In response, protests drawing hundreds of thousands of individuals rock the country.

July 2013

The military ousts Morsi and suspends the constitution. These continued political upheavals in Egypt signify a long-term travel security issue with profound implications for tourism in Egypt.

Public source: Note to readers: this information is also substantiated by the IMG Group's daily security briefing available at and drawn from US government and other security service information.

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