The IMG Group provides expert logistics security and risk assessment services for chief executives, vice presidents, and other corporate officials. Led by Christopher Hagon, who has over twenty years experience in Scotland Yard's Royalty & Diplomatic Protection Department and as a past corporate security director of Ryder System including the company's logistics business unit, our expert security consultants will provide the services and training necessary to ensure that your supply chain is properly secured and operates without incident.

Whether the threat assessment necessitates reducing the risk of supply chain theft, product diversion or counterfeit, business continuity or reputational risk, we can advise on the best practices for logistics and supply chain security. IMG has resolved numerous supply chain concerns for a number of industries, including those in the pharmaceutical, high-technology and automotive and consumer sectors. Protecting your finished product, components and raw materials is an important part of staying ahead through prevention. Our security services include -

  • Risk / threat assessments - we can assess all aspects of your supply chain security operations including secure product hand-over, communications, notification and reporting protocols and escalation/response. We work with you, your key employees and other staff to assess the risk / threat levels your supply chain act ivies face, identify vulnerabilities and recommend specific solutions for your operations, products and locations. In our experience, accountability, visibility, consistent security practices and standardized physical security measures are the keys to successful supply chain security.
  • Loss avoidance / monitoring programs - we will work with you at any level to reduce losses due to theft or misrouting of product and raw material. Our services can be applied end-to-end in your supply chains or to solve problems on a local basis at specific locations or transportation lanes.
  • On the ground security services - We will help with the design of security systems and protocols for the locations where your product may reside, including warehouses, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities and in-transit locations.

Contact us by email or Tel. (877) 887-9914 for a phone consultation on your security needs.

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The planning for each corporate or organizational supply chain is unique as are each and every one of your business goals. The best step is to reach out to us for a no-obligation initial security / threat assessment consultation. Our goal is to create a customized security plan for your organization and key logistics, one that ensures that your product remains in the intended channel of distribution.

IMG can support your supply chain operations by developing standardized acceptable processes, identifying appropriate roles and responsibilities, ensuring an effective response to compromised shipments, specifying site security standards and transportation policy and providing a third party provider assessment.

Our logistics security consulting programs are based on tried and tested sophisticated practices currently used to protect supply chains worldwide using personnel skilled in providing these services. Each program is tailored exclusively to exactly suit the nature of your operations, organizational culture and specific requirements and can include -

  • Worldwide Supply Chain and Logistics Consulting Services - country- or region-specific programs that protect your supply chain and transportation partners from criminal, terrorist and random attacks.
  • Relevant, proactive briefings, intelligence and training - and support services using our in-house resources and our global network of security professionals.
  • Access to overseas services - on-site access to expert security advice to help resolve your supply chain vulnerabilities and concerns and to develop strategies and programs that meet your overseas logistics security requirements.

All overseas services including logistics and supply chain security consulting receive our continuous and hands-on oversight and supervision.

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