Founded in 1995 and still led by managing partners Christopher Hagon and forensic psychologist Dr. Harley Stock. Hagon has over three decades of security experience in posts that include Scotland Yard's Royalty & Diplomatic Protection Department, senior corporate security management and international security consulting.

IMG and its experienced consultants can help you design, develop and attain a wide range or preventive and reactive worldwide security goals.

We can assist you in developing a comprehensive international security strategy to protect your personnel and assets from criminal and terrorist activity using time-tested countermeasures to lower risk and exposure. Whether your security concerns and needs relate to new market endeavors or your existing overseas operations, your security objectives can benefit from IMG’s long-term worldwide consulting experience derived from assignments undertaken for several hundred corporations and other organizations.

Our consulting firm, together with our security and medical assistance partners, can advise on the best practices for all your global safety and security needs -

  • GlobalSecur® travel security programs - highly personalized one-stop services that include pre-travel briefings, itinerary and smartphone monitoring, threat monitoring and notification, one-number routine and emergency communication security contact and comprehensive political and medical evacuation support.
  • International corporate security program development – worldwide risk, vulnerability, due diligence and business continuity assessments, emergency preparedness and contingency planning.
  • On the ground security services – consulting support for your corporate security goals and in-country operations in multiple arenas – strategic reorganization and business interruption, site security design and protection, supply chain security process review, loss investigation, and more.

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Learn more about our International Security Consulting services

Many organizations may be unprepared for the security and medical challenges that lie ahead, particularly in overseas environments. IMG offers a number of specialized, advanced yet practical programs to support your international operations that reflect our extensive experience in this field. These programs are tailored to suit the nature of your operations, overseas organizational culture and specific requirements and needs.

IMG’s worldwide security programs are designed to protect assets and personnel of organizations large and small in high- and moderate-risk overseas environments. Some of our clients' requirements include –

  • Worldwide risk assessment and protection – a comprehensive risk assessment process that accurately determines what is at stake for your organization’s people and assets located in or traveling to specific countries or regions.
  • Relevant, proactive briefings, intelligence and training– for your travelers and overseas employees, using our in-house resources and our global network of security professionals.
  • On the ground security services – routine and overseas advice and assistance that ranges from proactive briefings, in-country executive protection, coordinated ground and aviation services, site design and security, secure meeting and event arrangements and other services up to and including emergency security and medical response and evacuation.

All overseas services including our International Security Consulting Services receive our continuous and hands-on oversight and supervision. Our experienced consultants and business partner professionals look forward to working with your organization to help ensure your continued international success.

International Security Consulting Experts