Wide-Range of Worldwide Security Solutions

Incident Management Group (IMG) is a leading security consulting company and a valuable and experienced resource to help your organization address your international employee and operational security needs.

IMG is available to support your employee and executive security efforts, conduct risk assessments and provide overseas operational support in countries like Mexico, Brazil, China or India. Whatever the specific security challege - worldwide, cost-effective employee travel security solutions, skilled intervention in potentially dangerous workplace violence cases, or developing proactive and emergency response programs - IMG has the long-term skills and experience to assist.

Human Resources Consulting for Workplace Violence Assessment and PreventionFounded in 1995 and still led by managing partners Christopher A. Hagon and forensic psychologist Dr. Harley V. Stock, IMG and its experienced consultants, business partners and worldwide contacts will help you design, develop and attain a wide range of preventive and reactive worldwide security goals. Rest assured that our long-term presence in the security consulting arena means that there are few security-related challenges with which we are unfamiliar.

Whether your goal is to manage risk, confront an emerging or actual threat, protect your executives, employees and facilities, ensure safe travel, safeguard product manufacturing, marketing or logistics supply channels or deal with a crisis situation, IMG will help your organization focus on the measures necessary to manage risk and protect your worldwide assets and personnel.

Committed to providing the full spectrum of security-related solutions, IMG is uniquely an innovative blend of security, intelligence, management, financial and psychological expertise that allows a truly integrated approach to problem solving.

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International Security Consulting

IMG brings a new, coordinated and highly personalized dimension to your international security consulting and business continuity concerns. Whether labor unrest in Europe, a natural disaster in Asia or a workplace violence issue in the U.S., your organization will benefit from:

  • Our long-term international security experience, our worldwide network of trusted associates and business relationships that includes world class medical emergency and aviation security providers.
  • Advice from internationally savvy corporate security, law enforcement, forensic psychology and intelligence experts.

Our clients include those from most business sectors — financial, automotive, transportation, pharmaceutical and others. As a result, we have the knowledge and experience to cost-effectively help you address the security issues that are of paramount concern today.

Worldwide Employee and Executive Travel Security

GlobalSecur® is a comprehensive worldwide employee and executive travel security resource that will provide your employees with proactive information, real-time monitoring and notification of global events, and ensure immediate assistance in the event of civil or political strife, medical emergency or in response to routine inquiries.

The program was designed from the ground up to provide your organization with a one-stop, cost-effective travel security and medical assistance solution. This highly personalized program includes pre-travel briefings, automated itinerary tracking, individual/mass messaging and communications, political and medical assistance and evacuation, and more:

  • Your travelers will have online access to pre-trip, health and security intelligence reports on over 220 countries and 300 cities.
  • GlobalSecur® is available in four, tiered service levels to meet your exact operational and budgetary needs, each with optional worldwide FoneTrac® monitoring.
  • Each service level has its own inclusive pricing — there are no additional or hidden costs relating to travel itineraries, monitoring of in-country personnel, etc.

GlobalSecur’s Global Monitoring Service is an “active” system that monitors your travelers’ or overseas employees’ whereabouts and equates this information with identified, and relevant threats. We do not rely on you to locate employees who may be at risk. Instead, we will constantly monitor their locations, link these with potential threats and then, in accordance with an agreed protocol, notify you and your employees of changing conditions.

Our “hands-on” approach continues when, on your behalf and together with our security aviation, medical services and in-country partners, we coordinate medical and security services in the event of an incident or emergency, and check on their welfare in the aftermath of a disaster.

As a GlobalSecur® client you will also have benefit from our 16-year worldwide consulting experience in international security, personnel protection, threat intervention, crisis management, and more.

To learn more about the GlobalSecur® program, please see our pdf web brochure.

Emergency Response Consulting

IMG will be your key asset in preventing business disruption. Your relationship with IMG includes Emergency Response Consulting services on a 24-hour, 365–day basis to assist your organization in managing crises promptly and effectively. Among others, our services during an actual emergency can include:

  • Assessment of the incident, its potential dangers and risks to your company/organization.
  • Identification of adversaries and likely modus operandi.
  • Development of corporate/organizational options.
  • Negotiations and negotiating strategy.
  • Operational support, ranging from intelligence collection to forensic assessment.
  • Political and medical response evacuation.
  • Threat and workplace violence intervention, situation stabilization and case investigation.

Risk Assessment Consulting

Our risk assessment consulting and risk analysis programs are based on industry best practices and performed by knowledgeable experts trained in the field of risk assessment. Each risk assessment seeks to the following basic tasks:

  • Identify the specific assets that need to be protected. This can include company employees, proprietary information, money, manufactured goods, reputation, supply chain and more.
  • Identify and quantify the types of risks that could identify the assets.
  • Determine the criticality of each potential risk event. In this sense, we define criticality as the product of probability of occurrence multiplied by the impact of the event on the company. When criticality is properly measured organizations can be assured that only cost-justified security measures will be implemented.

International Threat Assessment

IMG’s international threat assessment consulting services are designed to assist multi-national companies understand, mitigate and resolve threats to their facilities, personnel, business operations, or reputation. Our team uses sophisticated threat analysis techniques to quantify the threat, understand its potential impact on the organization, and develop appropriate security countermeasures to mitigate the threat. We offer the following services:

  • Global Threat Assessment and Analysis Services – Our team can analyze potential threats to your organization and formulate effective protective measures;
  • Emergency response services – Our global response teams can be on-site at your overseas locations within a couple of hours of notification;
  • Crisis Management – Our response element consists of experienced crisis management professionals that can deal with a wide array of threatening situations to resolve them expeditiously.

Employee Protection and Security Consulting

Our employee protection and security consulting services include overseas risk assessment and security plan preparation, vulnerability assessments, accountability/communications programs for travelers and expatriates, emergency preparedness and contingency planning.

Your travelers can opt to use GlobalSecur’s unique and purpose-built FoneTrac® system to help you locate them overseas – especially useful in higher-risk destinations, cross-border operations or during onward, in-country travel for which there is no itinerary.

FoneTrac® comparative benefits and advantages:

  • The system uses multiple technologies to obtain accurate worldwide location information.
  • Regular smartphones work just fine with the FoneTrac® data privacy compliant system.
  • FoneTrac® is available as part of GlobalSecur’s Global (Itinerary) Monitoring System, or as a standalone service.
  • The US-based, FrontierMEDEX multilingual Emergency Response Center provides one-number worldwide call-in for all medical- and security-related routine and emergency issues.
  • Integrated worldwide ground transportation, aviation and security support services are available from IMG and its affiliates.

Our programs are based on tried and tested sophisticated practices currently used to protect senior officials worldwide using personnel skilled in providing these services. Each program is tailored exclusively to exactly suit the nature of your operations, organizational culture and specific requirements

Employee Travel Medical Assistance Service

These are services that no international traveler should be without. Created in partnership with Harvard Medical International, medical assistance services from our business partner, FrontierMEDEX, this is the most robust source of international medical information available today. IMG's Employee Travel Medical Assistance Service will ensure that your travelers are fully prepared for any medical concerns they may face, no matter where their travels may take them.

Together with emergency response and medical and political evacuation, IMG provides information services that cover 236 countries and territories and provide:

  • A quick and easy way to to evaluate healthcare in a given country, with an innovative 1-5 medical rating system.
  • Information to stay healthy while traveling, such as required immunizations, vaccine recommendations and what diseases may impact you.
  • The location of approved medical facilities.
  • 180 of the most common medical phrases translated into 20 different languages.
  • A search feature to determine which prescription and over-the-counter medications are available in a destination country.
  • Details on seeking and paying for routine and emergency care.
  • International health warnings and medical alerts.
  • Contact information from anywhere in the world.
  • Replacement of lost or stolen travel documents, legal referrals, and more.

Executive and VIP Security Services

IMG's Executive and VIP Security Services provide the information, strategy and training necessary to protect key personnel and their families wherever they may be, by empowering both individuals and organizations with the tools necessary to dramatically reduce the risk of becoming a target of criminal, terrorist, and random attacks.

IMG's International Corporate Security Program Development services include overseas risk assessment and security plan preparation, vulnerability assessments, accountability/communications programs for travelers and expatriates, emergency preparedness and contingency planning.

A full spectrum of services that range from a review of planned overseas activities, provision of emergency contacts, a reliable car, driver or guide while abroad through to armored vehicles, armed or unarmed security agents, to emergency response and intervention.

Our executive protection programs are based on tried and tested sophisticated practices currently used to protect senior officials worldwide using personnel skilled in providing these services. Each program is tailored exclusively to exactly suit the nature of your operations, organizational culture and specific requirements and can include:

  • Worldwide Executive and Personal Protection Services – country- or region-specific programs that protect your corporate travelers and in-country personnel and their families from criminal, terrorist and random attacks.
  • Relevant, proactive briefings, intelligence and training and support services using our in-house resources and our global network of security professionals.
  • Access to overseas services such as in-country executive protection, coordinated ground and aviation services, secure meeting and event arrangements and other services that meet your overseas security requirements.

All overseas services receive our continuous and hands-on oversight and supervision.

International meeting, conference and event security

The recent proliferation of high profile security incidents has forced many organizations to closely evaluate their security preparations in connection with company-sponsored overseas meetings and events. These incidents have grabbed headlines and given organizations and attendees reason to question whether or not travel overseas is safe.

While risk can never be completely eliminated, these activities can be made "safer" through the correct application of security and contingency planning.

In our experience, there are a multitude of threats and potential disruptions that are common to every event, whether the location is domestic or international. By developing an appropriate security plan, IMG will help you mitigate the risk and alleviate security concerns.

Our international meeting, conference and event security services involve security planning that benefits from an analytical approach that ensures that threats are accurately identified and measured, vulnerabilities are properly assessed, and that risk is calculated properly. This approach will provide you with a security plan that is more effective and less disruptive than a last minute review of event activities and an attempt to "bolt on" appropriate security measures.

IMG's experienced event security professionals will work with your company and event planner to ensure your meeting's success. Our personnel will conduct all pre-event planning and develop a security and contingency plan that will allow you to respond effectively to any security issue that should arise.

We are available worldwide to provide a discrete presence at the event in order to implement your security plan and provide security for any special requirements. The prior arrangements and a security presence at your event will address attendee concerns and allow senior management and attendees to focus on your corporate goals.

Workplace Violence Prevention Services

More and more, companies are faced with increased threats of violence in the workplace. While the number of workplace homicides has not fluctuated greatly in the last several years, the frequency of employees who threaten to kill or cause disruption of business equilibrium has increase geometrically.

The areas of workplace violence, threat management, crisis response and terrorism pose an increasing challenge and new focus for the business community. The process of managing threats, violence and disasters is extremely complex, high-risk and difficult.

These events also incur a significant degree of legal and moral liability. But because of their low frequency, it is difficult to dedicate sufficient in-house resources to prepare for these challenging situations.

However, active corporate programs geared to preventing violence in the workplace have been effective tools in reducing the number and severity of violent workplace incidents and in demonstrating to employees and others that workplace safety is the company’s foremost concern.

IMG’s Comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention Services were developed as a means to deliver integrated violence prevention, threat management and post-incident response services in a cost-effective manner. The program is a way for companies to have access to a variety of critical services to manage high-risk events and is supported by a sophisticated threat assessment tool — IMG’s proprietary Behavioral Risk Assessment Schema (BRAS) — consultation, training and referral networks of IMG experts with 24-hour capabilities.

Forensic Psychology Services

IMG's Forensic Psychological Services include the proprietary BRAS Instrument and the underlying research that was the subject of managing partner Dr. Harley Stock’s recent Presidential Address to the American Psychological Association and is a unique and sophisticated tool designed to allow in-company assessment of individual cases. In each case the tool rates sixteen case-specific factual and psychological categories essential to achieving a safe resolution. The tool also automatically rates confidence in the facts obtained and points up areas in which more information is needed.

IMG's SMART Application (SMART APP©) is a simple to use, web-based, software tool designed to empower the hiring process by using a dynamic application form that gathers information about the applicant, analyses the responses and prepares a narrative report for the hiring manager. The SMART APP™ is not a psychological test, but a new kind of application form that skips several generations of application information gathering to give new insight and facilitate the important hiring decision.

Dr. Stock maintains a worldwide network of board-certified experts who stand ready to provide case intervention, investigation, forensic threat assessment and evaluation, situation stabilization and expert witness services.

IMG’s Workplace Violence Prevention Program will allow your company to prevent most episodes from happening, manage those episodes that actively threaten the safety and security of personnel and facilities, and respond to situations of catastrophic proportions.

Human Resource-Employee Hiring Background & Security Services

While most companies expect an applicant to complete an application form, very few companies have a systematic way to evaluate the information provided, assess possible liabilities and identify opportunities to hire or promote staff members of great potential.

Traditional application forms are not capable of identifying applicants who are intentionally distorting their answers on the application blank. Furthermore, psychological literature suggests a significant number of applicants lie on their application — an estimate suggests that falsification of credentials among job candidates across the board occurs in about 30% of all applications and 15% of applications of candidates for higher level positions.

IMG's Human Resource Employee Hiring and Background and Security Services provide unique tools to aid hiring decisions.

Coming soon - IMG's SMART Application (SMART APP©) is a simple to use, web-based, software tool designed to empower the hiring process by using a dynamic application form that gathers information about the applicant, analysizes the responses and prepares a narrative report for the hiring manager. The SMART APP™ is not a psychological test, but a new kind of application form that skips several generations of application information gathering to give new insight and facilitate the important hiring decision.

To meet client needs, the SMART Application tool has been reviewed by expert panels of board-certified forensic psychologists and Human Resource professionals and all items have been vetted by labor attorneys to ensure industry and governmental compliance.

Crisis Management Consulting and Support

Using our long experience in proactive planning and crisis intervention, IMG can assist you in identifying, assessing and prioritizing security risks and help you to proactively plan for unexpected events, such as natural or man-made disasters, terrorist attacks, specific threats, etc. Our security and forensic psychology professionals will provide the training necessary to correctly identify and respond to emerging or actual crises and to enable a multi-disciplinary crisis intervention geared to minimizing immediate and long-term risk.

Ourcrisis management consulting and support includes an Organizational Readiness program designed to provide decision makers with the preparatory skills, training and in-house confidence to effectively:

  • Plan for unexpected events such as natural or man-made disasters, terrorist attacks, hazardous material incidents, chemical and biological threats, internal and external threats, and more.
  • Correctly identify and respond to emerging crises and utilize multidisciplinary skills that will enable you to identify and strategically manage an emerging crisis by optimizing crisis decision making, identifying and ranking viable options, promoting appropriate, effective and meaningful communications, dealing with external authorities, mitigating internal issues to avoid the possibility of "a crisis within a crisis", and executing an agreed strategy.
  • Provide post incident analysis, intervention and response.

IMG personnel are immediately available to provide post incident analysis (including Crisis Intervention Stress Management – CISM), and expert witness services.

Supply Chain and Logistics Security Consulting

“Supply chain design and optimization is a significant source of revenue growth — protecting the product is a significant part of that equation."

Logistics security has become one of the most complex and high visibility security challenges facing executives. The loss or diversion of finished product or raw material can have debilitating effects that cascade through your company’s operations and can impact organizational reputation and credibility.

We have helped a wide variety of clients, including those engaged in high technology, pharmaceutical, automotive, and consumer business activities, as well as their major logistics and transportation partners.

IMG's experience extends to inbound handling of raw materials/key components, through staging, production, assembly, packaging, and outbound shipment using multiple carriers and transiting numerous borders prior to end user delivery. Our Supply Chain and Logistics Security consulting services can be applied end-to-end in your supply chains, or to solve problems in specific locations or transportation lanes.

IMG can help protect your operations by:

  • Examining supply chain activities to pinpoint losses, identify existing vulnerabilities and suggest remedies that are specific to your products, operations and locations.
  • Recommending consistent security practices that reflect, support and enhance supply chain business processes, such as awareness, accountability, product “visibility”, secure hand-over, reporting and escalation/response protocols that are key to a successful preventive program.

We know the risks and the security processes necessary to safely move your product from order inception to end-user. Our goal is the same as yours — to focus on your core business and to stay ahead through prevention.

Management and Labor Dispute - Security Consulting

In the best of situations, plant closures, labor disturbances and worker strikes can have a deleterious impact on any company and its business operations. Not having a comprehensive security and business assurance plan in place in advance of any labor action can almost guarantee a bad outcome.

The time to begin planning is well in advance of any possible labor disruption. IMG's management and labor dispute security consulting services will ensure that you have a well-developed plan in place to provide better options when dealing with a sudden strike or forced plant closure. These options can, in turn, give your company an improved negotiating strategy when dealing with labor unions, vendors and customers and can help keep your company's business operations viable during this time.

Our security professionals, drawing on their experience both domestically and internationally, will work with your company to:

  • Develop comprehensive strike security and contingency plans. We will thoroughly review all business operations to ensure that key interdependencies and contractual commitments to your customers can be met in the event of a strike or plant closure.
  • Utilize a comprehensive checklist to work with your location managers develop redundant contingency plans to ensure business continuity in the face of a strike or disturbance.
  • Respond and organize appropriate security and logistics operations to keep the plant running, if it is viable to do so should a strike or labor disturbance occur at a plant without prior notice.
  • Work closely with your company personnel to provide guidance and assistance on negotiating strategies, executive protection and transportation.
  • Deploy and supervise trained and licensed counter-strike security officers at the scene.

Being prepared for a strike or labor disturbance is not an accident. It takes time and effort. But being prepared can be the difference in bringing about a favorable conclusion.

Workplace and Factory Security Services

IMG's services range from individual site surveys through turnkey design and installation oversight for sophisticated systems.

Over the years, our survey, system design and security review services have included frequent, worldwide physical site assignments including corporate and subsidiary offices, financial service and defense contractor sites, high-technology, automotive manufacturing facilities, and sophisticated logistics and manufacturing assessments for pharmaceutical clients, the latter to counter product loss, cross contamination or counterfeiting.

Our workplace and factory security design services utilize a methodical and benchmarked approach that results in practical recommendations based on a thorough risk/benefit analysis that takes into account what is “doable” given senior management buy-in, the operating environment and corporate culture.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Protecting critical information and the means to communicate it has more than ever become a necessity for organizations of all types and sizes. IMG's Technical Surveillance Countermeasures programs are based on decades of experience with diplomatic missions and government programs designed to contain the dispersion of sensitive information, and protect against hostile operations.

Incident Management Group (IMG) is a leading corporate security consulting company. Since 1995, IMG has been assisting organizations large and small with their proactive and response strategies to support their domestic and international operations. IMG continues to be managed by its founders who stand ready to offer clients the benefit of their significant knowledge and experience in all facets or corporate security. Contact us today for a free initial consult.