The IMG Group provides expert forensic psychology and threat assessment services to protect you and your employees from workplace violence. Led by Christopher Hagon, who has over twenty years experience in Scotland Yard's Royalty & Diplomatic Protection Department (RDPD) and other international security assignments, our expert forensic consultants provide the services and evaluation necessary to protect employees from the threat of violence in the workplace. By empowering both individuals and organizations with the tools necessary to dramatically reduce the risk of becoming a target of workplace terrorism, violence or random attacks. Our security services include -

  • Risk / threat assessments - we work with you, your key employees and other staff to assess the risk / threat levels they face in the workplace.
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Program - we developed this program to provide you and your key employees with the ability to prevent workplace violence, manage any threats and respond after an incident. By using our Behavior Risk Assessment Schema (BRAS), we provide 24-hour capabilities for threat assessment and intervention.
  • Our SMART™ Application - our easy to use, employee evaluation tool, designed to gather applicant information, analyze responses and prepare a report for the hiring manager, will help prevent workplace violence before it happens.

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Each corporate or organizational situation is unique as are each and every one of your employees. The best step is to reach out to us for a no-obligation initial workplace threat assessment consultation. Our goal is to create a customized security plan for your organization and key employees.

Our forensic psychology services include the following: employee evaluation tools, workplace threat assessment / intervention, violence prevention programs and emergency response to catastrophic situations.

A full spectrum of services that range from an in-company assessment, individual case evaluation and our proprietary BRAS Instrument to the SMART Application to empower the evaluation of potential employees.

Our employee evaluation programs are based on tried and tested sophisticated practices currently used to evaluate new hires worldwide using personnel skilled in providing these services. Each program is tailored exclusively to exactly suit the nature of your operations, organizational culture and specific requirements and can include -

  • Worldwide Forensic Psychology and Employee Protection Services - company specific programs that protect your key employees and executives from workplace violence, terrorism and random attacks.
  • Relevant, proactive briefings, intelligence and training - and support services using our in-house resources and our global network of security professionals.
  • Access to the workplace violence prevention program - giving your company the ability to prevent most incidents of workplace violence before they happen, manage the security and safety of personnel, and provide threat intervention if the situation calls for it.

All services including forensic psychology and employee evaluation receive our continuous and hands-on oversight and supervision.

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