IMG is led by its founders, President Christopher Hagon and managing partner, forensic psychologist Dr. Harley Stock. Hagon, has over three decades of security experience in posts that include Scotland Yard's Royalty & Diplomatic Protection Department, senior corporate security management and international security consulting.

IMG and its experienced consultants can help you design, develop and attain a wide range or proactive and responsive worldwide security goals.

We can help you plan for your next international event using an analytical approach based on our Event Risk Assessment Model. This model allows us to identify and measure threats accurately, assess vulnerabilities and calculate risks for your particular event. Security planning consists of three phases:

  • Pre-Event Planning - We work with you, your key employees and other staff to assist with site selection by providing threat assessments of potential sites. As a result, you will be able to gauge the amount of security planning necessary for your event. After a site is chosen, we will develop security and contingency plans, establish relationships with local law enforcement and security officials and identify and conduct due diligence for local providers to be used during the event.
  • On Site Tasks -Following your approval of a final security plan, we will provide a security presence at your event using both local providers and our own IMG security consultants.
  • Post Trip - After the conclusion of your event, we will present an After-Action Report that will document any security issues and the response to these issues. This report will also provide you with a list of security recommendations to use at future events.

Learn more about Secure Meeting Services

Learn more about the IMG’s Secure Meeting services:

Developing and implementing suitable security arrangements for each corporate or organizational meeting and event is a unique, as is each and every one of your senior executives and VIPs.

The best step is to reach out to us for a no-obligation initial security / threat assessment consultation. Our goal is to create a customized secure meeting plan for your organization and key employees.

IMG will work with your organization to provide security for your executives and VIPs at events and meetings around the world. Our security services include: overseas risk and vulnerability assessments and contingency plans, event security plan preparation, emergency preparedness and consulting.

Our planning will mirror that of your event planner so that issues can be addressed while there is time to make changes.

Our meeting and event planning service is based on tried and tested professional practices currently used to reduce employee risk using our in-house resources and our global network of security professionals.

Each meeting or event management assignment is tailored exclusively to exactly suit the nature of your operations, organizational culture and specific requirements and can include -

  • Worldwide Security Event Management and Planning Services – country- or region-specific programs that protect your corporate meeting attendees and activities from security threats, theft of proprietary information, reputational risk or corporate embarrassment.
  • Relevant threat assessment and proactive briefings, intelligence and training - As planning for the event progresses, every step is evaluated from a security perspective to ensure that all vulnerabilities are minimized. Using local intelligence sources and law enforcement, we will be able to effectively assess and plan for possible security challenges.
  • Access to pre-event and overseas services – Your organization will benefit from a full spectrum of services that range from a review of planned overseas event activities, coordinated secure and reliable ground and aviation services, provision of emergency contacts, and emergency response and intervention.

All overseas services including our Worldwide Event Management and Planning Services receive our continuous and hands-on oversight and supervision. Our experienced executive protection and event security professionals look forward to working with your company to ensure the success of your next event or meeting.

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