IMG is led by its 1995 founders, managing partners Christopher Hagon and forensic psychologist Dr. Harley Stock. Hagon has over three decades of security experience in posts that include Scotland Yard's Royalty & Diplomatic Protection Department, senior corporate security management and international security consulting.

IMG and its experienced consultants can help you design, develop and attain a wide range of preventive and reactive worldwide security goals. Whether your security concerns and needs relate to new market endeavors or your existing overseas operations, your security objectives can benefit from IMG’s long-term worldwide consulting experience derived from assignments undertaken for several hundred corporations and other organizations.

Our consulting firm provides expert security and crisis management services can advise on proactive crisis management plans and team identification and training. Together with our long-term business partners, we stand ready to help you successfully resolve any developing or actual crisis. Our services include -

  • Full crisis management proactive and reactive services -  security and forensic psychological workplace violence intervention and case management, kidnap ransom, extortion, product contamination response, emergency evacuation, etc.
  • Organizational Readiness programs - designed to support an organization's business operations and culture appropriate preventive measures as a means of organizational readiness.
  • Crisis management planning and training - the strength of these programs is in the planning that provides organizations with the preparatory skills, training and in-house confidence to effectively plan for unexpected events such as natural or man-made disasters, terrorist attacks, hazardous material incidents, chemical and biological threats, internal and external threats, etc.

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Learn more about Crisis Management Consulting and Support

Today's business environment is faced with challenges, and threats, from many divergent sources. Crises tend to creep up on organizations, occasionally without their awareness or acknowledgement. Sometimes a traumatic event will suddenly occur. Over the years, many clients who may not have seen the need for a proactive crisis management / business continuity strategy have found themselves in a situation that is damaging or threatens their very existence.

IMG has acknowledged experts in the areas of Human Resources, Security and Forensic Psychology to consult and subsequently testify in court for the most problematic cases. In particular, we are able to assist you in such areas as: personnel matters (negligent hiring; retention; supervision; training); sexual harassment; workplace violence assessment and response; personal injury; and security preparation and response.

IMG managing partners have over many years pioneered many crisis management plans and standards in use today, both in the private and public sectors. These plans are based on hands-on experience in managing many widely-publicized cases.

IMG will help your organization to correctly identify and respond to emerging crises. Our experienced crisis management experts - skilled in corporate security, forensic psychology, public affairs, human resources, employment law among other disciplines - will bring to the table multidisciplinary skills that enable your senior personnel to identify and strategically manage an emerging crisis by optimizing crisis decision making, identifying and ranking viable options, promoting appropriate, effective and meaningful communications, dealing with external authorities, mitigating internal issues to avoid the possibility of “a crisis within a crisis” and executing an agreed strategy. IMG can assist your organization by -

  • Training key staff to develop, test and modify an appropriate and practical incident response plan designed to recognize, confront and mitigate any incident that has the potential to threaten your organizations' productivity, reputation or survival.
  • Enhancing key crisis management skills with crisis management team training, simulations, crisis training/decision-making seminars, overseas contingency planning, hostile country evacuation support, and country-specific personal protection arrangements. IMG will use a proven model to assist in developing, evaluating, modifying and executing your plan and support services using our in-house resources and our global network of security professionals.
  • Providing worldwide response - Having the capability to respond to crisis situations around the world. We are available 24 hours a day/365 days a year to assist with an emergency or with post incident intervention and analysis. To assist with any crisis, we can quickly organize appropriate security, human resource, medical and forensic psychological professionals, to help with crisis resolution.

All domestic and overseas services including crisis management planning and consulting receive IMG management's continuous focus, hands-on oversight and supervision. Our experienced consultants and business partner professionals look forward to working with your organization to help avoid or address a disrupting event.

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