Led by Christopher Hagon, who has over twenty years experience in Scotland Yard's Royalty & Diplomatic Protection Department and other corporate management and International security assignments, our expert security consultants provide the services and training necessary to ensure that your communications remain private and without incident.

Whether the threat assessment involves anti-corporate espionage or reducing the risk of leaked information leading to criminal, terrorist and random attacks or any other threat, we can advise on the best practices for International security. Our security services include -

  • Risk / threat assessments - we work with you, your key employees and other staff to assess the risk / threat levels they face while communicating at home and at work in any International settings such as living abroad in countries such as Brazil, Russia, China or elsewhere on the globe.
  • Communications / surveillance programs - using state of the art technology, we can monitor your executive / VIP communications infrastructure and use technical countermeasures to reveal vulnerabilities and protect critical information.
  • On the ground security services - our network of contacts can provide you and your staff with local contacts to help secure sensitive information. We have a range of international security contacts who can discover and assess risk as well as prevent hostile operations.

Contact us by email or Tel. (877) 887-9914 for a phone consultation on your security needs.

Learn more about Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Now more than ever, protecting critical information and the means to communicate it has become a high priority for organizations of all types and sizes. IMG's technical surveillance countermeasures programs are based on decades of experience with diplomatic missions and government programs designed to contain the dispersion of sensitive information, and protect against hostile operations. Our services are provided by industry-reknowned experts to achieve the highest levels of technical competence and the utmost efficacy.

Each corporate or organizational security situation and requirements are unique, as are each and every one of your senior executives and VIPs. A useful step is to reach out to us for a no-obligation initial technical security / threat assessment consultation. Our goal is to create a customized security plan for your organization and key employees.

To be effective, the Technical Security Countermeasures (TSCM) process requires a number of steps: physical and electronic sweeping of designated areas (the Sweep Phase); the Non-Alerting phase during which the radio frequency spectrum is monitored and a detailed signal log database established for future reference; the Alerting phase using a comprehensive physical search, equipment and methods that may warn that someone is monitoring the area; and the Report phase to identify any threats or vulnerabilities and recommend further preventive measures.

  • Counter- espionage services - country- or region-specific programs that protect your communications and sensitive information from hostile operations.
  • Tried and tested countermeasures, intelligence and training - and support services using our in-house resources and our global network of security and techinical specialists.
  • Access to overseas services - Our technical surveillance countermeasures are based on tried and tested sophisticated practices currently used to protect information worldwide using personnel skilled in providing these services. Each program is tailored exclusively to exactly suit the nature of your operations, organizational culture and specific requirements.

All overseas services including surveillance countermeasures and counter espionage services receive our continuous and hands-on oversight and supervision.

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