Global Monitoring Service

A major US provider of household fittings, appliances and building fabrication materials with worldwide operations asked IMG to provide a version of the GlobalSecur® Global Monitoring Service that was flexible, customizable and affordable.

IMG provided an “active” system that monitors their travelers’ and overseas employees’ whereabouts and equated this information with identified, and pertinent threats.

The service did not rely on the client to locate any employees who may be at risk, but instead, IMG constantly monitored their locations, linked these with potential threats and then notified the company and their employees of changing conditions.

Our Response Was

The client indicated that they had chosen IMG's GlobalSecur® service because it exactly matched their needs and budget with no hidden costs, because of its flexibility and "tiered" service choices, the optional FoneTrac® worldwide monitoring using regular smartphones, the highly-customized website with individual user accounts. The availability and provision of affordable, indemnified medical and political evacuation services was also a significant factor.

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