Forensic Services

A multinational corporation received word that an anonymous newsletter filled with proprietary information and unflattering comments concerning the personality and activities of its senior management had been mailed to many of its distributors and suppliers. The newsletter compromised sensitive marketing information and had the potential to cause serious morale problems within the company.

IMG was asked to assist the client in identifying the source of the newsletter and to reduce the likelihood of future similar publications. A highly skilled investigator with extensive FBI experience was immediately dispatched to the site.

Within hours the investigator developed an appropriate strategy and initiated a plan of action based on a coordinated collection and analysis along three operational lines:

  • A forensic psychologist analyzed the newsletter and developed a behavioral profile of the author. The results included an assessment of the level of dangerousness presented by the individual.
  • A forensic linguist, a member of IMG's extended team, examined the document and produced a profile of the writer's age, gender, level of education, and other significant characteristics.
  • Finally, the investigator developed a detailed questionnaire and interviewed managers to establish which group of employees would have had access to the information used to prepare the newsletter.

Investigative Analysis Information

The analysis of the resulting data allowed focus on a shortlist of three individuals who met the forensic profiling and had the required access to information. The investigator worked closely with the client's management team to set the scene for direct interviews with persons on the list.

After the first session of interviews one of the suspects' lawyers called to inform that his client was prepared to make an admission concerning that person's guilt.

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