Corporate Investigations

Case 1:

A leading manufacturer of car audio components contacted IMG and advised that they were missing several hundred thousand dollars in inventory. IMG tracked the missing products to a South American distributor and identified a former employee as the culprit.

IMG further identified the method used to steal the inventory and prepared an in-depth report to the company recommending several cost-effective security recommendations to prevent a reoccurrence of this problem.

Case 2:

In an unrelated case, a manufacturer of health care supplies asked for IMG's help to investigate possible wrongdoing relating to a distributor who was believed to be engaging in fraud against the company by claiming unearned rebates on merchandise allegedly sold, but not delivered to hospitals.

A complex fraud investigation followed and IMG obtained evidence that the distributor had illegally defrauded the company to the tune of $10 million or more. While considering criminal and civil action against the distributor, the company learned that the alleged offender had been jailed for an unrelated crime.

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