You may have heard the adage that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” Continue reading

Recent high profile events, such as the tragedy that occurred at the Arianna Grande event in London, have further reminded everyone of the importance of event security. Vulnerable targets such as the entrances and exits to events have clearly come to the fore as a linchpin in the war on terror. Large-scale events such as music concerts or sports events are clearly targets for terrorists and so-called lone wolves, but even smaller events can be targets of some type of security threat. Continue reading

For those of us who remember the government inquiry into 911, after it had happened, one of the more striking phrases or explanations was when Condoleezza Rice spoke of a failure of imagination. Despite the fact that there were indeed reports and indications that a terrorist attack against the United States was in the planning stages, and despite the fact that there was of course a blizzard of information as there always is confronting the United States, she pointed to a failure of the imagination as behind the tragedies of September 11, 2001. Essentially, and unfortunately, the representatives of the United States were unable to imagine an attack of the nature and scale of September 11. Continue reading