As the Internet has grown we have become used to using services such as Skype, Zoom, and Gotomeeting for international calls and video conferencing. Continue reading

April 2, 2018. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international corporate security consulting firm, is announcing a new alert to its blog reminding its clients and others of the “Run, Hide, Fight” method of responding to an active shooter. Continue reading

With so much unfortunate news about gunmen and mass attacks, both in the United States and in Europe, we’d like to remind our clients and their employees of the most basics of strategies when confronted with a gunman. While this may seem a uniquely USA-based problem, it is unfortunately not. Continue reading

The holidays are right around the corner. First, comes Thanksgiving, of course, which we just celebrated here in the United States of America. But it is followed quickly by Hanukkah and Christmas, and then, of course, by New Year’s. In other countries, of course, there are different holidays, especially in the Muslim world. But one thing is for certain. There will be holidays! Continue reading

US corporations are eager to get a slice of business in Cuba. Since former President Obama opened up relations with Cuba, starting with the restoration of diplomatic relations in 2015, trade between the USA and Cuba has been of increasing interest to US corporations. That means some amount of preliminary travel to and from the Communist nation. In addition, tourism has opened up as well, allowing US citizens to visit Cuba more easily. Continue reading

The buzzword of the year has to be “Fake News.” Politicians and business moguls accuse reporters of it. Gossip magazines and websites thrive on it and ask “is it fake or not?” While the Internet is rife with fabricated stories, consumers are confused over what the truth is. Continue reading

North Korea recently announced that its firing of a missile over Japan was merely ‘the first step’ of a series of planned military operations in the Pacific. Continue reading

Situated in West Africa on the Atlantic Ocean, Sierra Leone is known for its white-sand beaches and is rich in history.  It covers approximately 74,714 km and has an estimated population of nearly 6 million. Rich in mineral resources, the country is a popular destination with corporate and business travelers. As such, we have been called – on occasion – to provide international business travel consulting services. Here is an incident report and travel recommendations on Sierra Leone. Continue reading

Recent tragic events in London, Paris, Barcelona, and Charlottesville have highlighted the dangers of crowds in high profile cities or high profile events. Indeed, we were recently cited in a New York Times article entitled “Europe Beckons, but Security Consultants Urge: Be Prepared.” Continue reading