The “meetings revolution” show no signs of slowing down. One might think that now we have the internet, Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and more, there would be less need for people to have physical meetings, yet the opposite is happening. Continue reading

Trade shows and conferences are big business in the United States and around the world. A convention can be a great way to forge new relationships with international peers. Continue reading

In order to grow any business, it includes acquiring resources and managing control over those resources. Two of the most valuable tools to maintaining control in business is properly managing people and data. Continue reading

Virtual communities have grown over the years with the emergence of social media and facetime tools. Special groups of people can now share valuable knowledge with each other even when at the home office looking out the backyard. A surgeon living in Delaware can easily offer support to a surgeon managing a difficult case in Italy. Continue reading

San Diego, California – March 1, 2017. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international security consulting firm with services for corporate event security, is proud to announce a short but important analysis of security precautions taken at the recent Super Bowl. Continue reading

Since the 9/11 catastrophe, other terrorist tragedies have followed. Recent events in Paris and the shooting at Florida’s Pulse nightclub are reminders that misfortune can happen anywhere in the world at any time. Continue reading

In the current climate of terrorism and unpredictability, the world continues to turn. Many people refuse to live in fear and let dangers keep them from visiting loved ones or conducting important business. The best way for travelers to avoid tragedy is to be make an overseas meeting security plan prior to arrival. That plan has to support travelers throughout the trip and evolve as new threats arise. Continue reading

August 27, 2016 – New York, NY. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international security consulting firm, is proud to announce an important milestone on its blog coverage on international conference, meeting, and event security consulting issues. The firm is known for having a lively blog, as well as having its international security experts being frequently interviewed in the global press on international security issues for companies, their employees and senior executives with respect to gatherings abroad. Continue reading