Businesses in the 21st century face all sorts of risks. Even if you run a mom and pop store you have risks: your main supplier could go bust which would give you a problem. Continue reading

Violence in the workplace can erupt at any time and is always serious. Indeed, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 500 workplace homicides in 2016, which was the second most common cause of workplace deaths after transport accidents. Continue reading

With all the controversy about Russian hacking into the US election process as well as state-to-state incursions as from North Korea, China, and Iran, there’s a lot of buzz about cybersecurity. Every businessperson these days hopefully knows the basics – things like having an up-to-date virus program or being sure not to click on email attachments. Continue reading

Every company that conducts any of its business outside the US is at risk from problems that occur in the countries where it operates. Continue reading

Supply chain management can be a challenge at best and a nightmare at worst. Managing products from raw materials to the final item ready for sale can be like solving a very complicated puzzle with moving pieces. Think of the dorm room stairs in the Harry Potter movies. Continue reading

Crisis management planning is just one of the necessary preparedness steps that any organization should take, but certainly not an end in itself. Continue reading

Trade shows and conferences are big business in the United States and around the world. A convention can be a great way to forge new relationships with international peers. Continue reading

You may have heard the saying, “Lies, bloody lies, and statistics.” This is certainly true when it comes to overseas travel security. As experts in overseas travel security consulting, we get a lot of questions from clients and journalists as to what the “facts” are about travel security. Continue reading

Few executives enjoy sitting in coach for international travel. A long flight from Dallas to Frankfurt, for example, can be quite a burden for the business traveler. Sitting tightly next to another passenger for eleven hours may not put a VIP in their best mood before an important meeting with German associates. Continue reading

In order to grow any business, it includes acquiring resources and managing control over those resources. Two of the most valuable tools to maintaining control in business is properly managing people and data. Continue reading