If you run a business that operates only in the US you may be less likely to be affected by an international emergency than one which has connections with other countries. Continue reading

As summer approaches, American citizens are looking at travel packages. Maybe a flight to Europe is the plan? Continue reading

Global commerce has its ups and downs. The upside includes U.S. businesses can offer customers a diverse menu of products from all over the world. Also, online commerce may seem easy to manage with overseas partners. Continue reading

You can’t seem to go anywhere in the U.S. today without hearing a reference to Game of Thrones. As the final season goes into production, fandom pages are already trying to anticipate who the winners and losers will be. Each kingdom has a list of strengths and weaknesses that could determine their outcome. Continue reading

As summer draws to a close, many of us are traveling. Whether that’s travel inside the United States or it’s travel to foreign countries, travel is often a fun experience. Even busy business travelers have their moments of fun. There’s nothing that compares to seeing Paris for the first time, viewing the pyramids in Egypt, or just the experience of going to a Mexican market to haggle with the sellers. Tourism is fun. This fun sense of tourism, however, can give a false sense of security. Continue reading

Corporate America is always looking for new methods to help employees reach their highest potential. It’s been discovered, for example, that working overtime and multitasking can take a toll on even the best employees. Continue reading

The corporate rumor mill is as active as Internet news these days. From gossip about company secrets to second-hand reports about office threats, it’s hard to get the honest truth. Rumors about corporate safety and security can put employees on edge. Continue reading

After an extremely cold winter season, spring is beginning to make an appearance. A fair amount of employees have spent the last four months shoveling cars out of the snow at 5 am to get to work by 8. The cold weather has taken a toll and has probably intensified “cabin fever.” Continue reading

The United States and Europe are both considered the “Western World,” but there are definitely distinct differences between the two. Many Americans tend to work fifty hours a week or more. Very few Europeans work over forty hours a week. Continue reading

Electronic Surveillance is all over the news today. Not just with respect to the Trump administration and alleged meetings between key campaign officials and the Russians, but also in respect to the general business world. In business, an iPhone isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity. Continue reading