The “meetings revolution” show no signs of slowing down. One might think that now we have the internet, Skype, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and more, there would be less need for people to have physical meetings, yet the opposite is happening. Continue reading

Businesses in the 21st century face all sorts of risks. Even if you run a mom and pop store you have risks: your main supplier could go bust which would give you a problem. Continue reading

Violence in the workplace can erupt at any time and is always serious. Indeed, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 500 workplace homicides in 2016, which was the second most common cause of workplace deaths after transport accidents. Continue reading

If you run a business that operates only in the US you may be less likely to be affected by an international emergency than one which has connections with other countries. Continue reading

With all the controversy about Russian hacking into the US election process as well as state-to-state incursions as from North Korea, China, and Iran, there’s a lot of buzz about cybersecurity. Every businessperson these days hopefully knows the basics – things like having an up-to-date virus program or being sure not to click on email attachments. Continue reading

When you operate any sort of manufacturing business your supply chain is absolutely critical. It is all about the components that go into your product. Continue reading

Every company that conducts any of its business outside the US is at risk from problems that occur in the countries where it operates. Continue reading

As the Internet has grown we have become used to using services such as Skype, Zoom, and Gotomeeting for international calls and video conferencing. Continue reading

As summer approaches, American citizens are looking at travel packages. Maybe a flight to Europe is the plan? Continue reading

Supply chain management can be a challenge at best and a nightmare at worst. Managing products from raw materials to the final item ready for sale can be like solving a very complicated puzzle with moving pieces. Think of the dorm room stairs in the Harry Potter movies. Continue reading