April 5, 2019 – New York, NY. IMG GlobalSecur, a leading international meeting security consulting firm at http://www.theimg.com/, is proud to announce a commentary on recent events at Christchurch, New Zealand. The terrorist tragedy in that country is yet another reminder of the important of venue security, both for ongoing and for one-time events. As security experts working on venue security, especially for corporate meetings and events, the experts at IMG GlobalSecur are sharing some of their insights in the short post.

“Terrorism and weapons attacks are just one security vulnerability at a venue,” explained Chris Hagon, CEO of IMG GlobalSecur. “Our post is not an exhaustive list of international meeting security vulnerabilities. Rather it is a starting point for a conversation with a company or organization that might like a venue security audit.” 

International Travel Security Experts and Cuba

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To read the new blog post, visit http://www.theimg.com/blog/2019/03/venue/.  The post reminds readers, for example, of the importance of each organization having a security plan.  Persons who might need consulting on international meeting security are encouraged to read the information page at http://www.theimg.com/security-services/international-meeting-conference-and-event-security.php. No two situations or venues are alike, and the next best step is to reach out to one of the international meeting security experts at the IMG Group for a consultation or even a security audit. Persons interested in international security consulting would also do well to visit the Globalsecur website at http://www.globalsecur.com/gsServices.php.


Here is background to this release. Unfortunately, in today’s world, venues as disparate as mosques and meetings can be vulnerable to security problems. Lone and angry gunmen are just one type of vulnerability. Obviously weapons incidents receive glaring international attention, and any venue security audit would include inspections with respect to vulnerabilities vis-a-vis weapons. A venue that has ongoing events such as a mosque, church, or synagogue may be high profile enough to justify a security audit. More commonly, corporate international meetings or conferences may need a top-to-bottom security audits that would include weapons vulnerabilities as well as the other end of the spectrum, such as cybersecurity or technical surveillance countermeasures (http://www.theimg.com/security-services/technical-surveillance-countermeasures.php). For these reasons, IMG Globalsecur has announced a new blog post on venue security consulting.


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