Earlier this year, in March, two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand were brutally attacked by terrorists. Fifty people were killed and many others injured in the worst act of terrorism on New Zealand soil.

In light of this and other similar attacks in the United States, security experts at IMG GlobalSecur have responded with key tips for security at places of worship such as mosques, synagogues, and churches. Venue security can be both a long term or a short term issue. A short term example might be venue security for an international conference or event. A long term example might be security for a mosque, church, or synagogue where regular worship services are held.

Here are some tips on venue security.Venue Security Experts

First of all, places of worship should have a security plan in place before an attack ever occurs. Congregations need to be prepared for the risks of attending worship and know how to use the resources available to them in case of an emergency.

“It’s paramount to have a designated security team within your place of worship,” explained Christopher Hagon, CEO of IMG GlobalSecur. “This team should be aware of the potential dangers within the surrounding geographic area and have regular contact with local law enforcement personnel.”

In addition, places of worship should be equipped with technology to assist in security measures. Surveillance cameras can help a security team monitor a large area more effectively and pinpoint danger when it happens.

Hagon concludes, “It’s unfortunate that, in today’s world, terrorism in places of worship is becoming more frequent. Congregations should not give into fear, but can prepare for potential dangers so that their place of worship can remain a sanctuary.” As security consultants, the experts at the IMG Group can assist with all types of venue security, including security audits.