If you run a business that operates only in the US you may be less likely to be affected by an international emergency than one which has connections with other countries. Even so, there are still shootings which can occur anywhere and could cause havoc under some circumstances. Or there could be wildfires, such as those in California recently, which might affect your business.

International Emergency Security Expert

Photo credit: University of Salford via Foter.com / CC BY

However, it is a totally different situation when you deal with countries outside the US. Any sort of international emergency could cause your business serious trouble. Of course, many people fret about nuclear war, which is certainly something that would be devastating! But the more mundane threats are what impacts organizations or businesses. Like earthquakes against your supply chain, or terrorist attacks in Israel, or the mundane employee mugging in London. These are the sorts of things which can have a dire effect on your business, causing any number of untold problems.

It doesn’t matter whether you either buy or sell outside the US, or even don’t buy or sell anything but are, say, a university which has students coming from abroad, you still need to insure that you have international emergency preparedness.

IMG Can Help with International Emergency Issues and Employees

This is where IMG can help you. The letters may not really convey much at first glance, but they stand for Incident Management Group, and that is what we do. Manage incidents – before they occur, as far as is humanly possible. Of course, even with the tremendous amount of expertise that we have as a group, there will still be occurrences which happen “out of the blue” and which nobody could have foreseen, and in those cases our job is damage limitation. For instance, terrorist attacks can occur anywhere: they have done, and it is very likely they will continue to do so for many years, but one can still be in a state of international emergency preparedness by considering what would happen in such a case, and then making plans to deal with it.

That is what we are really about at IMG. We take an overview of your whole operation and spot the weak points. There will always be weak points, no matter how sophisticated your security is, and our experts will pinpoint them and plug the gaps.

Bear in mind that our partners have many years of experience in dealing with security, and our Managing Partner, Christopher Hagon was for nine years personal protection officer to Prince Philip and was later appointed as personal protection officer to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. You really cannot have better credentials than that.

When it comes to international emergency preparedness, you can rely on IMG to insure that you have maximum security and are ready to deal with any problems that may arise.