When you operate any sort of manufacturing business your supply chain is absolutely critical. It is all about the components that go into your product. Supply chain security is vital.Take an iPhone, for instance. It is not all manufactured in one place, but in many different places. That can cause a lot of headaches, ranging from political unrest in Thailand to an earthquake in China. Any one of dozens of different events can cause a hiccup in the supply chain which eventually leads to loss of production. Furthermore, when you are unable to supply a finished product to your customers on time it can also do untold damage to your reputation.

In today’s global economy, supply chain security has become increasingly important. The security of logistics and your supply chain from the point of origin to the final destination are critical. The more different parts you incorporate in a finished product and the greater the number of manufacturers of those parts, the more likely it is that something, somewhere, will go wrong.

This is why our supply chain security and logistics security has become an ever-increasing part of our business. Our supply chain experts can carry out a risk assessment of your supply chain from beginning to end in order to make recommendations to bring your supply chain into line with best practice. We are fully aware of the risks that can occur and we can evaluate every aspect of your supply chain in order to pinpoint the likelihood of failures occurring from the point of order inception to final delivery.

We Have Helped A Wide Range Of Different Industries with Supply Chain Security Audits

As one of the top rated security consulting companies we have been instrumental in helping a wide range of different businesses and industries with a risk assessment and upgrade of their security plans including those involved in pharmaceuticals, high technology, automotive, and consumer businesses, together with their associated transport and logistics operatives. We are entirely about prevention and our security experts will look at your supply chain from the point of view of theft, product diversion, counterfeit parts or products, and any reputational risk.

We will work with you and your employees to identify the risk and/or threat levels that your supply chain faces, pinpointing vulnerabilities and recommending specific practices to keep every part of your supply chain safe and secure. Our years of experience have shown that accountability, visibility, standardized physical security measures, and consistency are the key to a safe supply chain.

Our services can be provided to check your supply chain from end to end or to solve problems at specific points in the chain on a localized basis. We can design security systems for any part of the supply chain including manufacturing locations, warehouses, distribution centers, and in-transit locations.