As summer approaches, American citizens are looking at travel packages. Maybe a flight to Europe is the plan?

International Travel Security Experts

Photo credit: Defence Images via / CC BY-SA

Can it include the airline, hotel and food? What about doing something more nature-oriented such as taking a tour through the Costa Rica rain forest? That one requires more than transportation and accommodations, and a savvy tour guide will have to be included. Sure, maybe your executive isn’t traveling to a rain forest on business, but employee security threats can happen wherever they go. Taking an international security expert team along to guide your VIP through a trip safely is just smart planning. You wouldn’t dream of going to some steamy Costa Rican jungle without a “travel guide,” and as you and your business organize your employee and executive travel abroad, you really shouldn’t dream of that, either, without engaging with an international employee travel security expert.

Any time a traveler takes a tour guide along, they are guaranteed a safer and more pleasant trip. A guide knows the best restaurants to go to…and which to avoid. They can take visitors to educational points of interest and help them steer clear of tourist scams. Just like the things that happen in a Costa Rican rain forest, the level of threat to a visitor can vary. Some dangers are small like pesky mosquitos (pick pockets), others are more threatening to an employee’s physical safety like scorpions (kidnappers). IMG’s international security expert team prepares business travelers for any path they choose to take. We can conduct a top-to-bottom security audit for your company’s travel plans.

IMG’s International Security Experts have the Whole Package for Travelling VIP’s

Overseas business trips normally include detailed itineraries, but other than that, an executive might be left on their own. That can lead to a valued employee wandering about unfamiliar territory. They may need their own “tour guides” in the form of international security experts. In case a little guidance is needed during the trip, IMG’s experts can be called upon to help 24/7. The team can also meet prior to a trip and review specific events an executive expects to attend. Where is the hotel? Are the routes secure? If an unplanned excursion is added, IMG’s international security experts can help manage the safest routes for those too.

For instance, a business trip to Madrid, Spain could include scheduling a visit to the Prado Museum during free time. Although the areas is considered a fairly safe one for tourists, pickpockets and thieves abound pretty much anywhere there are tourists. IMG’s international security experts can help a VIP stay clear of pick pocket hot spots to keep personal property safe. If the same executive has decided to hop over to Paris and explore the Louvre, secure transportation and accommodations will be recommended. We understand planning a business trip for a traveling executive will probably include transportation, hotels and food. To ensure a safe trip, add IMG’s international security experts for the total package.

Photo credit: Defence Images via / CC BY-SA