Trade shows and conferences are big business in the United States and around the world. A convention can be a great way to forge new relationships with international peers.

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Photo credit: University of Salford via / CC BY

An American VIP may be expected to travel to various business events globally every year. Some can include a short flight to another state. Another trip could be further “across the pond” to a European conference. Cultural norms can vary by country. The same goes for overseas meeting security vs. US meeting security. What do these have in common? Both need to be managed thoughtfully.

In the world of global business, understanding cultural differences can be vital to success. There are a variety of behaviors considered acceptable depending on the hosting country. As world-class security experts, we have a few networking tips for American VIP’s. Each country treats relationships from a different perspective. For instance, let’s look at etiquette. If a VIP greets a new contact in Texas by their first name and a strong handshake, it can solidify a mutual appreciation. If that same VIP does this to a colleague in Japan, it can show disrespect and ruin a business opportunity.

Overseas Meeting Security vs. US Meeting Security is a World of Difference

Communicating with Londoners can seem easy. They are considered to be very polite people. Brit’s speak in such an agreeable manner you can miss out on subtle differences between what is said and what is actually meant. If an American says “maybe” to a request, it can imply there is room for discussion. The result can end in either yes or no at some point. If a Brit says “maybe,” it should be clear the request is off the table. As overseas meeting security professionals, our IMG team knows the subtle distinction between safety issues in Europe and the US. Overseas security issues can offer different and more dangerous types of security threats to an employee. Just as Londoners remind travelers to “mind the gap” between a train entrance and a platform, we look for gaps in security at overseas conferences and stay mindful.

Hierarchy and status are greatly valued in places like Argentina. While an American employee is at a conference in the country, a professional appearance at all times should be high on their list. Locals appreciate titles and respect seniority so if you are a top executive, play the part. Making the “right connections” in business is key to an Argentine VIP. IMG’s overseas security experts know the right people in places like Argentina can ensure an American employees safety.

Overseas meeting security vs. US meeting security each have very different challenges. There are also cultural variations our IMG team, and the executives we protect, should be aware of. Bridging the gap between them can develop trust with business partners and keep travelling executive safe.

Photo credit: University of Salford via / CC BY