In order to grow any business, it includes acquiring resources and managing control over those resources. Two of the most valuable tools to maintaining control in business is properly managing people and data.

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People, like a valuable executive, carry important company secrets in their brains wherever they go. Data is accessed by that same executive in various unsecure parts of the world. That’s why international meeting security is an important tool to manage both. Today’s global economy allows competitors to steal trade secrets with ease. If a rival can’t entice or threaten your top VIP to offer up vital company data, they may go the cyber route. That’s why when it comes to international meeting security, there can be no compromise for either.

Valuable VIP’s travelling overseas on business need protection by a top international meeting security team. Whether at a boardroom in Taiwan, or on a family sight-seeing break in the Philippines, keeping an employee and their family safe from threat is paramount. Physical threats for traveling VIP’s include the South China Seas for 2018 (just as an example).  As China works to gain more control of lucrative territory such as Taiwan, Malaysia and the Philippines, U.S. companies need to be vigilant. IMG’s international meeting security team can consult with company leaders to find the right security plan for an executive and their family traveling in Asia.

IMG Notes International Meeting Security Hot Spots for 2018

Global competitors and cyber criminals are always scheming to gain an advantage by acquiring valuable company data. Below are a few of the top areas where security breaches might occur in 2018:

1. Crime-as-a-Service or (CaaS): Cybercrime is a business and criminals around the world want a piece of the action. Successful cybercriminals are now offering their own tools and services to those who would like to learn the ropes. IMG’s international meeting security team is on top of hacking activities 24/7 to ensure aspiring criminals can’t get their “foot in the door” at your company.

2. Cybercrime has a Broader Landscape: Large and small companies will experience equal attention from hackers as time goes on. Increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks allow criminals to target a larger audience. If a large company has had their security compromised, it’s easier to attack smaller, less savvy businesses. IMG’s job is to stay ahead of new tactics and narrow a cyber criminals reach into your business.

3. Supply Chain Is Still a Top CyberCrime Issue: This continues to be one of the most vulnerable components of Risk Management. Once sensitive information is shared with a supplier, control can be compromised. IMG’s international meeting security team understands integrity and confidentiality are what keep a supply chain healthy.

4. Internet of Things (IoT): These are computing devices embedded in objects like Smartphones. Companies find such devices useful when collecting valuable customer data. On the flipside, these transmissions are not partial to only one interested party. Once available, customer data can also be quietly captured by a criminal third party.

2018 is already shaping up to a big year for cyber security. IMG’s international meeting security experts can help keep your people, and your data, safe wherever they roam. Call us today for a consultation to get started.